Week 115: January 04 - 08

  • Fixed T84106: Attribute mix node worked incorrectly on float attributes (17be214).
  • Fixed T83876: Blender crashes when baking particles + smoke sim (5aab7f6).
  • Fixed T84142: Crash when mirroring hair emitted from vertices (c55b578).
  • Fixed T83282: Division by zero when creating psys tasks (357e519).
  • Fixed T83497: Missing relations update when group node changes (c26f46c).
  • Fixed T83942: Improve error checking when trying to render high resolution volume (e3ae7d1).
  • Fixed T83544: Cycles crash when rendering with Save Buffers enabled (d095411).
  • Fix: Tried to set error message on modifier that does not exist (39f99fd).
  • Scenes: Forbid deleting last local scene (bc78892).
  • Created T84369: Can be used as a common base task for missing cache invalidation for fluid simulation.
  • Partially fixed T83592: Crash when deleting or reloading linked scene (D10046).
  • Reviewed D9697: Refactor IDProperty UI data storage.
  • Investigated T84397: Creating and removing many objects very quickly causes a crash.

Next Week

Geometry Nodes sprint.