Week 1: September 17 - 21

  • New "Load Image as Empty" operator (D3708)
  • Rewrote the Export UV Layout addon (D3715)
  • Removed wrapper code for modifiers that was used to get rid of DerivedMesh (3614d9d b5dbe43)
  • Fixed part of T56865

Week 2: September 24 - 28

  • Refactor: Copy/Paste values from/to UI + ability to copy from disabled fields (efc4862)
  • Units: new "Fixed Units" option (D3740)
  • Fix T56912: crashed (554b26c)
  • Bsurfaces: Cleanup some statements that make no sense (bbf44f7)
  • Port "STL format" addon to Blender 2.8 (08f39b7)
  • Weight Paint: Multiply overlay on the mesh (19f46c6, D3733)
  • Port "Demo Mode" addon to Blender 2.8 (b192f64)
  • Minor Fix: insert missing break statement (9201730)

Week 3: October 1 - 5

  • Python GPU API: GPUVertFormat.from_shader(...) (D3772); vbo.fill_attribute(...) and GPUVertBuf(...) (564d37c)
  • Vertex Paint: multiply overlay (7c443de)
  • Texture Paint: multiply overlay (not complete) (D3770)
  • Gizmo: Fix artifacts when having large angles (4933dd7)
  • Unit System: Implement fixed units (2d21eb7 4388549)
  • Addons: port BVH Format addon to Blender 2.8 (7bc4655)
  • Addons: port Export Camera Animation addon to Blender 2.8 (043b5bc)
  • Addons: port PLY Format addon to Blender 2.8 (3659c4d)
  • Addons: port MDD Format addon to Blender 2.8 (608cf34)

Week 4: October 8 - 12

  • Python GPU API: GPUBatch for GPUShader (D3779)
  • Python GPU API: GPUShader.format_calc() (9560fe6)
  • Addons: new 'Scatter Objects' addon (D3787)
  • Image Empties: Improve usability (85944a2)
  • Small changes to the BlenRig addon

Week 5: October 15 - 19

  • Outliner: Open empty collection when something is dragged into it (c17f2c2)
  • Outliner: Separate Moving and Parenting operations (D3812)
  • Outliner: Only drag element under mouse if it was not selected before (3c30d3b)
  • Outliner: Drop into master collection when below everything else (ce0a468)
  • Cleanup: Started to remove some #if 0 blocks (41216d5, 2174421)
  • Tools: Implemented the a Curve Tilt tool to learn and test the new API (D3804, T57224)
  • Dropping Files: Fix image dropping as empty or camera background (09cd651)
  • Dropping Files: Support Open/Link/Append when dropping .blend file (D3801)
  • Event System: Fix - Don't invoke operator that should only be executed (eba1b04)
  • Addons: removed Custom Normals Tools addon (295cdaa)
  • Addons: Port "Math Vis (Console)" addon to Blender 2.8 (D3795)
  • Texture Paint: Don't create material if operation is cancelled (2875fb9)
  • Texture Paint: Always show "No Textures" when there are no textures (d114530)
  • External: Start porting Animation Nodes to Blender 2.8 (Twitter)

Week 6: October 22 - 26

  • Fix: Buffer overflow when creating gpu.types.GPUIndexBuf (3413069)
  • Fix: Missing sequencer update (767b49e)
  • GPUShader: shader.uniform_float parameters (fc3d771)
  • Drag & Drop: Support Open/Link/Append when dropping .blend file (650cdc6)
  • SVG Format Addon: minor Blender 2.8 fixes (dc212f7)
  • Python API Docs Fixes: 59054d5, c49142d
  • Outliner: drag&drop - separate moving from parenting (0f54c3a)
  • Release Notes: wrote some examples for the new gpu api (Link)
  • Blender Conference

Week 7: October 29 - 2

  • Addons: Started to port "3D Viewport Pie Menus" addon (D3883)
  • Python API: Proposed using namedtuples as return values in some cases (D3877)
  • Addons: Port "IvyGen" addon to Blender 2.8 (8406aaf)
  • Image Empties: More visibility settings (a3802f6)
  • Addons: Committed "Scatter Objects" addon (54d50ae)
  • Addons: Removed "Object Grease Scatter" addon (b8a0f8c)
  • Addons: Committed port for "Math Vis (Console)" addon (f80599f)
  • Fix: Pose Breakdown operator (1c326e5)
  • Drag&Drop: Started working on a completely new drag and drop implementation to make it less hacky...

Week 8: November 5 - 9

  • GPU Docs: (a4bfccc)
  • API Docs: Add warnings that some functions are slower than one might expect (7c227e4)
  • GPU: Free GPUOffScreens owned by Python when the corresponding context is discarded (D3919)
  • Image Empties: Operational Border Drawing (D3917)
  • GPU Docs: Show gpu_extras module in docs (9a38526)
  • GPU: Frame Buffer stack (50b43ff)
  • Addons: View 3D Pie Menus (baaf588 30e26a0)
  • GPU API: draw_texture_2d function (D3901)
  • Addons: Export UV Layout using GPUOffScreen (D3897)
  • Addons: Ported and sped up Jiggle Armature addon for potential use in Spring (Github)
  • Addons: Removed a lot of stuff from BlenRig, request from Animators (Gitlab)

Week 9: November 12-16

3aa3040, 7723881, dc6ba4f, c8975b0, 444f1fd, 3f478f4, 6ae84dd, bb39e33, 15a5cc6, 492dbae)

  • Unit System: Use upper case and underscores for unit identifiers in Python (bdca863)
  • Addons: Committed UV Layout export using GPUOffScreen (4f22bef)
  • Took one day off.

Week 10: November 19-23

  • Python API: bpy_extras.callback_utils (D3977)
  • Python API: (4b06d0b)
  • Images: "Image" submenu in "Add" menu (86e0d13)
  • Image Empties: Option to not display the backside of image empties (5f21030)
  • Py API Docs: minor fixes (422992a, 6fe1b71)
  • Developer Tools: Continued working on my Blender extension for Visual Studio Code (Github)

Week 11: November 26-30

  • Python API: Two versions of, one of which is now in Blender (D3990, D3994, c1adf93)
  • Python API Docs: Minor fixes and timer api docs (8846384, dcb8668)
  • Bugs: Lots of bug report triaging after the beta release.
  • LLVM: Started learning how to use the C and C++ api inside of Blender (Test on Github)
  • Addons: Wrote an file that can find and register all the classes in an addon. (Github)
  • Developer Tools: Continued working on my VS Code extension. (Youtube)

Week 12: December 3-7

  • Speedup: New EdgeHash and EdgeSet implementation (D4050)
  • Speedup: New OldNewMap implementation for file loading (D4038)
  • Speedup: Optimize DNA_elem_array_size to speedup file loading (50d26e7)
  • Minor Fixes: T58771, T58863
  • Bugs: More general bug tracker work.

Week 13: December 10-14

  • Finished new OldNewMap implementation (33993c0)
  • Finished new EdgeHash and EdgeSet implementation (aa63a87)
  • UI: show frame rate in movie clip editor (233b780)
  • Drag & Drop: proposed new Drag & Drop system (D4071)
  • Reviewed: D4070
  • Fixed: T59125, T59208

Week 14: December 17-21