Week 110 : 11th - 17th Feb

  • Info

The "Object wireframe drawing" refactor has been finished. It now draws the same on all platform (using a geometry shader to draw arbitrary thick lines on OSX) and uses MSAA for antialiasing.

  • General development
    • DRW: Fix Crash when enabling object wireframe option 11b8d8a8387.
    • Fix T61374 : vertex not visible/selectable if it is at objects origin d07cde8de8e.
    • Fix: Eevee SSS not rendering as expected 23c14a0bbac.
    • GPU: Change multisample resolve shader to output min depth 9c49c2ef0c5.
    • Overlay: Remove extra contour drawing in wireframe mode d62f8a31763.
    • Sculpt Draw: Add support for wireframe geometry 9ab99ff26b5.
    • Wireframe: Add depth offset to prevent zfighting of wireframe overlay 600da00a94e.
    • Wireframe: Add workaround for osx wide wires 2cccffd20b6.
    • Wireframe: Fix Artifacts with MSAA 7a8a2211d18.
    • Wireframe: Fix selection broken since recent wireframe refactor 28901820a44.
    • Wireframe: Refactor to use GL_LINES instead of triangles with alpha blend e49d9555418.
  • Next week

Add back wireframe armature drawing mode and as usual bug fixes.

Week 109 : 4th - 10th Feb

  • Info

The "Edit mode wireframe drawing" refactor has been finished. It now draws the same on all platform using a geometry shader to draw arbitrary thick lines and use analytic AA instead of MSAA.

We also changed the active face color hint to be a mix between the active color and the face color. This is because drawing a contour line around the active polygon was not working well with the new drawing method.

  • Next week

Refactor object mode wires drawing as usual fix bugs.

Week 108 : 28th - 3rd Feb

  • Info

I've added support to transparency for solid mode. It is supported in object and material color mode. Transparency can be changed by tweaking the alpha of the main color. It uses the same Order Independant Transparency as the Xray mode.

I also started working on the edit wire refactor but it is not finalized. As it is a crucial feature I decided to not commit the changes yet. Changes should arrive in master this week.

  • General development
    • Fix T61028: Crash when entering wireframe view d16e4d077df.
    • Workbench: Make Material transparency part of the rgba color picker 1a61c209a0f.
    • Workbench: Opti: Only request OIT buffers if needed 43150b02a00.
    • Workbench: Support transparency from object color alpha 2cc69a5e202.
    • Workbench: Add "Shadow" factor to Xray 8134f3f0a6b.
    • Workbench: Add transparency support for materials bc99f4903c5.
    • Object Mode: Fix reading past buffer end when drawing camera d88492d4ad4.
  • Next week

Finish the edit wire refactor. More bug fixing.

Week 107 : 21th - 27th Jan

  • Info

On request from the Spring team I implemented a new Depth Of Field algorithm for the workbench engine. This is a must for layout work and the actual algorithm used is way faster than EEVEE's one.

  • General development
    • Workbench: Depth Of Field: Improve noise and Large radius 314ea1b1c7d.
    • Workbench: Depth Of Field: Add toggle option in shading popover c1814d593d1.
    • Workbench: Depth Of Field: Cleanups 3223644d141.
    • Workbench: Depth Of Field: Optimisation 71e30028240.
    • Workbench: Depth Of Field: Initial Commit 3f6e14e667c.
    • T60745: GPU texture alloc failed when opening Preference Windows aae2bf77351.
    • DRW: Fix corner indices order in clipping plane setup 14b5668c601.
    • GPUShader: Add GPU_VERTEX/FRAGMENT/GEOMETRY_SHADER defines ba4de7f1a58.
  • Next week

Next week will be focused on adding transparency support to solid mode. Then I'll refactor edit mode drawing to revert back to a traditional wireframe drawing.

Week 106 : 14th - 20th Jan

  • Info

Fixing bugs and polishing features.

  • General development
    • DRW: Increase frustum culling precision d5b4d71ee7b.
    • DRW: Use name buffer to request uniform location before drawing. e3b3b320768.
    • Edit Mesh: Improve selected double vertices visibility ee0c2e9b870.
    • GPUInterface: Add builtin check in uniform location request. 6dccc7cdab1.
    • Object Mode: Outlines: Add support for thicker outline 209afa28c6e.
    • Object Mode: Grid: Improve precision and reduce code complexity b5bc2158a07.
    • EEVEE: Physically based defaults for Bloom and Shutter 16fac2149b7.
    • Fix T59482: Creating 2 Particle systems breaks the app 21fedfbca02.
    • Fix T60332: Lattice objects do not display properly in Edit mode dd5602a1e52.
    • Fix T60476: Loose vertices only partially drawn 6f9e3e9d330.
    • Fix T60545: Buffer overflow in selection batch creation dc7e4929894.
  • Next week

I will prioritize working on some features needed by the Spring team: Transparency & DoF in workbench engine.

Week 105 : 7th - 13th Jan

  • Info

This week was focused at finishing the UVedit and selection batch refactor started before vacation.

Edit mesh selection has been changed a bit and should behave more consistently when selecting vertices in mixed vertex and edge mode.

Another notable workflow improvement is the possibility to display texture without interpolation (closest/nearest interpolation) in workbench and the texture paint overlay. This was a reqested feature to work on lowpoly / pixelart assets.

  • General development
    • Fix T57371: Generative modifiers in editmode display vertex group weights 00d2237d2a3.
    • Fix T59990: Crash when entering edit mode with skin modifier enabled 3a9909f38e7.
    • BMesh: Add BM_face_calc_area_uv 74260a2b6da.
    • DRW: Fix texture paint crashing if object has no material slot bda2cd8ba5d.
    • EditUV: Only clear data VBO when selection changes 9f51fc656e2.
    • GPUMaterial: Cleanup / optimization 3bc87227f51.
    • GPUShader: Add selection id shader 9d19ff90760.
    • GPUShader: Cleanup Unused shaders 1459a704895.
    • Mesh Batch Cache: Put context evaluation out of batch cache 943852c0dc1.
    • Mesh Selection: Port to batch cache request 55ddb21b7ca.
    • Mesh Selection: Make Vertices not occluded by edges 44e3fc66c7e.
    • UVEdit: Port batches to batch request 5f3fdee53a3 621a6d4a5de.
    • UVEdit: Port texpaint_loop_wire to batch request 1c91b6ee298.
    • WM: Use draw manager to draw UV image editor spaces 86ec304ffab.
    • Workbench: Support node texture "closest" interpolation option 9177bb33f68.
    • Texture Paint: Add filtering option for texture paint overlay b98e6743dca.
  • Next week

I will still focus on bug fixing.

Week 104 : 30th - 6th Jan

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