January 3 - January 10

This was mostly a regular bug fixing week. I fixed some UI bugs and some geometry nodes bugs. Lack of communication and code review means it's a bit harder to make solid progress on bugs than it could be though. For example, I still have some open patches for bug fixes from weeks and months ago.

I spent some time advising contributors making patches for the UI and geometry nodes. It's been very satisfying to see their progress. I made a task for a UI inconsistency that the UI team discussed, T84535.

I also spent a bit of time cleaning up old patches for the UI module. Still at 218 open patches though.

Changes / Features

  • UI: Improve node group input / output list interface 1d3b92bdea
  • Corrections and clarifications to geometry nodes documentation rBM7543
  • Geometry Nodes: Don't start with empty group nodes selected 69a22a70ac
  • UI: Use the 3D cursor icon for the RNA struct 6ea01dc509
  • Geometry Nodes: Gray out "New" button when curve object is active 7fd19c20e0
  • Keymap: Enable repeat for "Make Edge/Face" operator 9c07454816
  • D10059: Geometry Nodes: Make instances real when applying the modifier
  • D10042: Change operators to add new "group" collections to the scene
  • D10054: Geometry Nodes: New duplicate node group and assign operator
  • D10056: Geometry Nodes: Enable Exposing object and collection sockets

Bug Fixes

  • UI: Fix typo in operator description ec90dda318
  • Fix T84382: Geometry Nodes: Vertex group attributes are removed 102eff0bd4
  • Fix T83868: Disabled or inactive list items are not grayed out 61f1faac3f
  • Fix T78681: "Add Primitive" icons are cropped in tool header c20e482714, rBL62537
  • Fix T84326: No ID for geometry nodes instances after scattering 3db975f30d
  • Fix T78017: Broken layout in "View Lock" panel with armature 5a6dfb7571
  • Fix T84517: Two geometry node trees added with "New" button 3c1fcec652
  • D10008: UI: Reorder mesh merge operator types for consistent shortcuts
  • D10025: Fix T84455: Circle select tool cursor draws in overlapping regions
  • D10051: Fix T84417: Common noisy terminal messages when entering numbers
  • D10027: UI: Clarify the property name of "F-Curve Visibility"



  • [Requested changes] D9949: Geometry Nodes: add method for Poisson Disk sampling on mesh
  • [Commented] D9994: File Browser: select files and directories after renaming
  • [Accepted] D9567: Gizmos: Keep navigation gizmo visible during modals
  • [Commented] D9987: Fix T84367: Fix crash when showing invalid/legacy constraints
  • [Committed] D9989: Fix T84183: Dark area in the bevel custom profile widget
  • [Committed] D9947: Fix T83094: Alternate rows in the Sequencer are green (macOS)
  • [Commented] D10012: UI: Icons for Sculpt Displacement tools
  • [Commented] D9937: Fix NURBS Repeat for Extrude doesn't repeat extrusion.
  • [Requested changes] D9948: Add fill to Grease Pencil Topbar Radius sliders
  • [Committed] D9867: UI: Fix various issues with UI text
  • [Commented] D9621: Configurable rotation angle increments


  • Reported T84530: Failing assert when choosing custom icon for brush
  • Investigated: 23
  • Invalid: 4
  • Duplicate: 2
  • Resolved: 2
  • Known Issue: 2
  • Confirmed: 3

Next Week

Next week may be the first "normal" week in quite a while. As far as I know, we're back to work on geometry nodes. Personally I'm excited to fix some problems with attributes and tackle more "edit mode like" features. I'll also spend time on code review and finishing up ongoing projects (really trying not to start new ones!)