April 20 - 26

I focused on cleaning up the modifier-panels-ui branch to remove unrelated changes and clean up the code in preparation for review. Three patches are posted for review now:

  • D7490 The underlying system to use panels to represent lists.
  • D7498 Drag and drop modifiers and layout updates
  • D7499 The same system implemented for constraints.

One of the constraint layout updates. Maybe "Owner Space" should still be "Convert" though

I also worked on a project Campbell suggested to familiarize myself further with UI code, undo support in button text fields. My patch for that is ready for review here: D7518

And finally I reworked two panel dragging quality of life improvement patches. Together it should all be a great improvement.

  • D7465 adds the ability to pan regions when dragging to their edges.
  • D7462 Fixes some incorrect scrolling when dragging the last two panels in the list.


Next Week

I've mainly finished the projects I've started out with, so it's time to start planning the next project. I don't want to start anything too large while my current patches are in review though, so I'd like to work on some smaller things, hopefully the "medium" and "small" projects from my Ideas page.

April 15 - 19

The first (half) week of work for my 3 month grant. I mainly worked on finalizing the modifer-ui-panels branch this week. The main code for using panels to represent lists is almost ready for review, there is just some final generalization to do.

  • Draw list panels with the theme of the box widget, solving AA and transparency issues. (ac943796d4)
  • Fix a small issue when dragging the final panel in a region (54ac90625f)
  • Initial code for scrolling regions when panels are dragged to the top or bottom (e8a6759c1d)
  • Draw subpanels above panels when dragging, which allowed us to get rid of the transparency when dragging panels (3b0d86d8b1)

I also had some extra time this weekend and implemented the same system for constraint panels, which was pretty quick because of the generality of the list panel system.

  • Use panels for constraints (d9f542bbb0)
  • Rework the layouts for transform constraints. Huge visual and legibility improvements here (f787b7f1cf)
  • Dragging and dropping, panel expansion saving for constraints (f12a66817d

Also closed 2 reports as duplicates.

Next Week

I'd like to submit the list panel system and the modifier panel UI for code review as two separate patches this week. Constraints won't take much longer to finish up too, so that should be possible. I'd also like to start looking into undo support for text input fields.