Future Blender Development Ideas

Large Projects

  • Bevel boolean vertex mesh method
  • Get the cutoff method and miter options working at the same time
  • Profile widget object import/sharing mode
  • Better edge / vertex attribute editing from ctrl+e/v/f menus
  • Node tooltips
  • See if inset offset even needs fixing. I may have encountered a bug there.
  • If nodes are very wide, draw inputs and outputs on the same line
  • Update bevel todo list
  • Expand some text fields when UI becomes wider
  • Icon-style overlays addon
  • Fix hardcoded string modal maps in status bar

Medium Ideas

  • Add edge pan operator to node editor
  • Add the ability to call the modifier panels template with just one modifier
  • Use custom_data instead of index for instanced panels. (Use RNA collection for the list)
  • CurveMapping template UI updates
  • Press shift during orbiting to pan
  • Ctrl middle mouse to zoom in file browser
  • Topology preserving bevels (
  • Too much extra space in some keymap settings
  • Align nodes and their inputs to the grid better
  • Automatically expand / unexpand enums based on the available width
  • RNA 64 bit int support
  • Animation for subpanels
  • Fix tooltips don't show during animation playback

Small Ideas

  • Quick way to reset the rotation of the 3D cursor
  • Bevel weight and others are under the "Transform" panel of the N-panel
  • Switch color and label in annotation settings popover preview
  • Cursor position history
  • Slider uiItemR places text misaligned with other properties
  • Don't draw icons when their buttons' width gets smaller than the icon itself
  • Add Bevel modifier warning for unapplied object scale
  • Modifiers set auto smooth with operator
  • "+00" suffix for seconds display in timeline overlaps other text
  • Boxes around context buttons
  • Expose panel custom data to python
  • Expose panel custom data under mouse to python
  • File browser display size accessible in header does not work
  • Simple deform modifier angle / factor properties share the same dna float
  • Don't show "Keyframe" in driver editor subpanel for editing active bezier point
  • Consistent use of "layout" and "draw" in interface code and area.c
  • Move more runtime fields in structs to runtime structs
  • Property split layout in image editor panels


  • Add profile widget custom curve to the "beveling" of curves
  • Rename "View Camera Center" to "Frame Camera Bounds"
  • "Duplicate" instead of "Copy" modifier button.
  • Assign, Select, and Deselect buttons in shader editor
  • Construct vs Add in add menu tooltips
  • Bevel: Optimize number of times calculate_profile is called for each boundvert
  • Bevel active tool UI properties
  • Pass over modifier UI
  • Better warning message than "You are using a rather high poly as source or destination, computation might be slow"
  • Remove unused code in interface_panel.c (overlapping code, UI_PNL_SOLID)
  • Skip mouse move and mousemove consecutive events in panel handling code