Harley Acheson

Volunteer Developer


User Interface, pixel-perfect layout, spelling, grammar, fonts, icons, images, input, internationalization, translation, accessibility.

Blender 3.0 Possibilities

  • A File Loading Dialog. (D10484)
  • Nicer Operator Confirm Dialog (D10955)
  • Change File Manager "Favorites" to "Bookmarks". (D10262)
  • Various changes to Topbar menus. (D8706). User poll on the subject
  • Collapse wide enum lists to single column if not enough space. (D6362)
  • Directional Box Selection (D10525)
  • Highlight currently-selected Enum (D6655)
  • Improved Poll function for FILE_OT_rename (D10554)
  • Scrollbars that dynamically change width. (D6505)

Experiments and Work in Progress

  • Change position of Measure/Ruler text. (D10128)
  • Adding meta-data, like video sizes and FPS, to thumbnails. (D9454)
  • Experimenting with ideas for Camera View. (D9506)
  • Windows File Ownership (local and domain) in case we need that one day. (D9403)


  • Corner action zones allow joining any neighbors. Improved Header Context Menu. (8b049e4c2a, c76141e425).
  • If saving a file using CloseSave dialog, do not close if there is an error doing so, like if read-only. (cfa20ff03b).
  • Capture object thumbnails at an oblique angle for better preview of the shapes. (ecc7a83798).
  • Do not create thumbnail previews of offline files, to avoid slow listings of Windows OneDrive folders. (ee5ad46a0e).
  • Improved positioning of menu mnemonic underlines, especially when using custom font. (0fcc063fd9).
  • "Render" Window now top-level (not child) on Windows platform, back to behavior prior to 2.93. (bd87ba90e6).
  • Improved placement of child windows when using multiple monitors with any above any others (Win32). (d75e45d10c).
  • Windows users can now associate current installation with Blend files in Preferences. (bcff0ef9ca).
Blend File Association.png
  • 3DView Statistics Overlay now shows Local statistics if you are in Local View (c8e331f450).


  • Transform arrow cursor improvements in shape and in response to line width changes. (b4b02eb4ff).
  • Navigation Gizmo changes. Better indication of negative axes, consistent use of color and size to indicate orientation, ability to be resized. (ded9484925).
  • Position Gizmo tooltips below their bounds so as to not obscure themselves. (cf6d17a6aa).
  • Use ellipsis character when truncating strings no matter how narrow. (de3f369b30).
  • Windows OS - Allow any input language, regardless of translated display language. (f2781e1c7c).
  • Windows OS - Show child windows on top of parent windows. (261fa052ac).
  • Temporary windows no longer take over the space of other windows. (492e64c7bc).
  • Improved contrast for Status Bar report messages. (694bc4d040).
Status Bar Reports.png
  • Window / "New Window" now opens with a single editor. (be9842f65b).
  • Blender thumbnails now saved without "Camera View"-style Passepartout. (9c395d6275).
  • Improved positioning of child windows, relative to parents, when using multiple monitors. (d447bd3e4a).


  • Categorized List Menus get slight change in format with nicer headings. (aa244a7a68).
Categorized Menu.png


  • Scene statistics available in 3D viewport with an (optional) "Statistics" Viewport Overlay. (fd10ac9aca).
Statistics Overlay
  • Status Bar now showing only version by default, but context menu can enable statistics, memory usage, etc. (c08d847488).
Status Bar Context Menu
  • About Blender dialog added to the App menu to contain information like build, branch, and hash values. This declutters the Splash Screen and highlights only the release version. (5b86fe6f33).
  • Area borders given much larger hit area to make them easier to resize. (4e8693ffcd)
Increased Border Hit Area
  • Support for Windows Shell Links (shortcuts) in File Browser. Extended Mac Alias usage. Better display of linked items. (1f223b9a1f)
Shortcuts and Aliases
  • Option to print text in bold or italics style, synthesized from a single base UI font. (b74cc23dc4)


  • Support for file attributes and hidden files. (1fb62d1272)
  • Show icons for special folder locations. (1af8e0cc6c) (a622e29a25)
  • Improve toolbar width snapping (ac7eb71089)
  • Change Area Duplicate Icon (452834f1e3)
  • On Windows, restore app from minimized when closing from taskbar (22ca8b8aee)
  • Dynamically enable and disable Edit Menu items based on whether currently applicable (b707504973)
  • Visual changes to Info Editor (aa919f3e82)
  • Improved keyboard symbols for menus and status bar, following platform conventions. (dc3f073d1c) (f051d47cdb)
  • Overflowing text lines now use ellipsis character to indicate line continuation. (63d5b974cc)
  • Larger Alert icons for dialogs (a210b8297f)
  • Language Selection on "Quick Start" Splash screen (a210b8297f)


  • Custom Face Orientation Colors, defined in the theme
Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 12.37.04.png
  • Various small tweaks to how the Text Editor looks (8c6ce74239)
  • The File Browser now uses special new icons for Volumes and System Lists (7c2217cd12)