Google Summer of Code 2020: Info Editor Improvements (initial proposal)

This page is copied from original proposal and will not be edited. For updated design see Project Details page


Mateusz Grzeliński



Show logs and debugs in info editor. Add UI features to make it comfortable to work with logs such as filtering, searching, enable/disable on the fly.


This is developer oriented feature. Currently logs and debugs can be viewed in console. Main motivation is to create UI which allows for easier search in logs. Some UI improvements have been proposed in T68448 and are partially implemented, but I would like to take more technical approach to issue.


Main features are:

  • show log info in Info Editor
  • show debug info in Info Editor
  • create appropriate UI for 2 above: filtering and searching, enable/disable logs from UI, add icons show what kind of log levels are available
  • import/export logs, mainly to conveniently search user provided logs

These features would lay foundation for no-console log. After this is done we can go fancy like real time view, plotting value from logs and so on.

Additional features to consider, nice to have or nice to start with:

  • make report and log system into one?
  • industry compat keymap: change selection keymap to match that from outliner - currently info editor follows old blender convention
  • display blender commit and version info in menu (like blender -v, but available from UI)
  • report log size (memory footprint), set maximum log size, delete logs if above maximum size
  • UI: wrap multiple occurences of the same log to one record
  • navigate from log to source code
  • address missing logging information mentioned in this video (?)

Project Details

Current status: blender has 3 ways of printing information internally: as debug, as log or as report.


Log is fine detail info visible only in console, to change log settings you need to start blender with appropriate --log* flag. Many files creates logger locally ex. static CLG_LogRef LOG = {"ed.undo"};. Simplifying, there is one logger type wrapped in several functions and macros which ends with puts function. Logging function takes log as string - this string is already formatted.

Logging macros (CLOG) enforce text structure:



INFO (wm.msgbus.sub): /home/mat/blender-sources/blender-src/source/blender/windowmanager/message_bus/intern/wm_message_bus_rna.c:292 WM_msg_subscribe_rna_params: rna(id='<none>', Object.mode, info='view3d_main_region_message_subscribe')

Because of this defined structure and centralized control in macros it will be easier to change.

UI will be a challenge as logs are typical table like data and blender does not have this concept and introducing completely new concept might be not worth the hassle. There are also external log viewers, so advanced UI for logs is not a priority.

There are around 420 CLOG entries in code (grep -r CLOG | wc -l).

Conclusion: it makes sense to make every CLOG visible in Info Editor.


Debugs are flag based. They are stored in Global.debug. The use of debug is complicated in blender:

  • sometimes it calls log: if (G.debug & G_DEBUG) then CLOG
  • sometimes it calls to stdout/err directly if (G.debug & G_DEBUG) fprintf(stderr, ...); fflush(stderr);
  • some libraries have its own loggers and issue must be looked one by one. Ex. FFMPEG has av_log_default_callback
  • depsgraph has dedicated module for debugging
  • some modules can be build separately (like cycles) - investigate if any conflicts will occur
  • for reference: there are 821 uses of std (grep -r 'fprintf(std' | wc -l) and 5554 uses of print itself (grep -r "printf(" | wc -l). Of course some of them are legitimate uses

In majority of cases prints should be simply replaced by logs, what solves the issue of printing debug information in Info Editor. See for example:

if (G.debug & G_DEBUG) {
    printf("%s: something wrong in areafullscreen\n", __func__);  

Developer wanted to know where is this called from - it is basically log.

Conclusion: convert every debug print to CLOG. There are only few cases there it can not be applied and it needs to studied further (like external libraries). Note: depsgraph also uses print.

Project Schedule

May 4 - June 1 : community bonding period

  • getting familiar with prior work regarding info editor, like rBS145f851, rBSaa919f3, D5468, D6491, D7102 and so on
  • Look at existing implementation of search functionality in blender
  • work on design: if multiple log types is the way to go, if centralized formatting in Info Editor is good idea, if reports logs and debugs should be converted into one system etc.

June 1 - June 29 - First evaluations

I do not want to promise too many features in this period as this is the end of term and start of exams.

  • Industry compat keymap: change selection pattern in info editor to be consistent with outliner - simple task to get started
  • make log display in Info Editor

June 29 - July 27 - Second evaluations

  • add text based search
  • log to filters search
  • UI: show current level of log
  • UI: show current level of debugs
  • dynamically disable/enable logs, debugs
  • import/export logs

July 27 - August 31 - submit code and evaluations

  • print debugs in Info Editor


I am master student from AGH university in Kraków, Poland. I study Computer Science, System Modeling and Data Analysis (master). I am 21.

I did not submit many patches to blender itself, but I have been following development of blender for 6 years doing both: a little bit of artistic, a little bit of coding. I have moderate experience in C from my study classes and first work (first work was in embedded c programming), basic experience in C++ (mainly from studies) and strong experience in python from both my second job and by bachelor thesis. Also I use linux (and zsh, SpaceVim) as my daily driver.