September 18 - 22

  • Iterated over the design of inlining sockets more - decided in the end to roll that back.
  • Reviewing Node Tools.
  • Prepared list of UI/UX projects that could benefit from mockups.
  • Finalized document with own career path strategy for the next 2-3 years.

September 11 - 15

The plan for the week was to work on real-time mode design. However it was hijacked by the Studio raising the priority of grease pencil for their pipeline of the upcoming Gold project.

  • Grease Pencil and Geometry Nodes design - (see current design presented by Falk).
  • Re-evaluated inlined sockets for nodes.
  • Interviewed candidate for UI/UX role.

Realtime mode - use cases.png

1 grease pencil nodes.png

Inline 2.png

September 4 - 8

This was a 3-day week. It involved mostly catching up, and reviewing the Panel integration with Lukas (testing, reporting issues, deciding on the final design).

August 28 - September 1

  • Holidays.

August 21 - 25

  • Finalized the Node Tools design with Pablo Vazquez:
    • New Tool Defaults #111523
    • Popover menus for options #111524
    • Show uncategorized node groups #111529
    • Filter out based on subtype (modifier/tool) #111526

August 14 - 18

  • Nothing remarkable, catching up on the topics after Siggraph and handling some HR issues.

August 7 - 11

  • Siggraph 2023

July 31 - August 4

July 24 - 28

Node Tools - A4.jpg

July 17 - 21

  • Manual Reference: Includes the copyright (29b67ad31b).
  • Final pass on the blendfile compatibility policy patch (PR #110109).

July 10 - 14

July 3 - 7

  • Follow-ups after Penpot Fest.
  • Started to organize the "Polishing the Painting Experience" project.
  • Subsidies (WBSO and Blender Labs workshops).
  • Helped testing/feedback for:
    • Geometry Nodes: Repeat Zone PR #109164.
    • Geometry Nodes: Operators: Support more object types and modes PR #109526
    • Transform: Revert Allow navigation by default PR #109660.
    • Transform: Support navigation from NDOF devices PR #109792.
    • Transform: Always allow navigation and use alternative hotkeys for Zoom and Rotate PR #109754

Next week: on Thursday there will be a meeting about the painting project at HQ.

June 26 - 30

Penpot fest 2023.jpg

June 19 - 23

I attended two networking events this week:

I presented a shorter version of the talk from Blender Conference 2022 on Geometry Nodes development process.

EUE Reconnect 2023.jpg

June 12 - 16

Unified Patches Graph.png

June 5 - 9

May 29 - June 2

  • Finished and published the blog post about Node Tools.
  • Worked with Falk David in another iteration for the Grease Pencil and Geometry Nodes integration.


  • Fix #108501: Image Editor glitch after texture painting undo 9d00d13767.

May 22 - 26

May 15 - 19

Node and Tools Workshop

Node and tools workshop May 2023.jpg

May 8 - 12

  • Use utm_source=blender to urls pointing to (PR #107849)
  • Did a UI polish pass on the Asset Shelf with Pablo and Julian - #107881
  • Design proposal for Grease Pencil and Geometry Nodes integration - devtalk
Asset shelf catalogs.jpg

May 1 - 5

.C files over time
  • New blogpost about the Development Fund Sponsored projects as of 2023-Q2.
Roadmap 2023 Q2

April 17 - 21

  • Geometry Nodes: Simulation Zone drawing updates 8981bb4ac6.
  • UI mockups for simulation baking
Simulation baking.png

April 10 - 14

  • First pass on the Draft mockup for brush assets - #106898.
  • Tool to list inactive members from gitea - 23bce32888.
Draft mockup 14.4.23.jpg

April 3 - 7

  • Follow up with GDC contacts + catching up on the projects.
  • Worked on the Operator nodes UI mockup
Screenshot from 2023-04-14 15-36-15.png

March 20 - 31

GDC + Holidays.

March 13 - 17

Preparations for the GDC:

  • Finish the internal quarterly plan for the ongoing Blender projects.
  • Write the workshops section of the annual report 2022.
  • Letter of intent for potential research project interest on collaborating with hair solvers.
  • Re-iterated over the and authorship for bundled assets/issues/105250 #105250.

Note: I will be gone for the next two weeks (one for GDC, and one for holidays).

March 6 - 10

Jacques Luckes visited the HQ for a week-long Geometry Nodes/Physics workshop. The initial write-up is on devtalk.


February 27 - March 3

We had a Grease Pencil workshop this week, while Falk David was vising:

Grease Pencil Workshop.jpg

But the main par to the week went into the 2023 planning. First as a presentation in the office, based on the Projects to Look Forward in 2023. Afterwards the internal feedback was gathered and we are still thinking on how to group the projects and which teams to put together.

Planning 2023.jpg

Finally I got to reiterate on the authorship/copyright design for Bundled Assets. As well as doing a pass on the Nodes Operator design.

3 node operators 1.png
3 node operators 2.png

February 20 - 24

Submitted a proposal to a hands-on workshop at Siggraph 2023 about Simulation Nodes (main host is Simon Thommes). The user manual now has a session with all the hair node groups.

2 charge explosions.jpg

I also worked on a mockup for the Asset Shelf as part of the on-going Brush Assets project.

Asset Shelf.jpg

February 13 - 17

I finished the work on to use the gitea data. The code is also hosted now in Blender infra-structure org.

Bonus: I sent my first pull-request to gitea.

Metrics gitea.png

January 9 - 13

For geometry nodes I finished a first version of the re-factored Add Menu. I also settled on the SDF Volume name after talking to some people.

The brush asset project is going through a slow start. So I've been working with Germano on giving Snapping from Base point another go. So far it means reiterating the design and testing.


Geometry Nodes Add Menu

Next in the Agenda
  • WBSO
  • Gitea metrics

January 2 - 6

Happy new year! This year I plan to focus more on product management and design and less in coordination. That should allow me to get back to have more tangible things to share in the reports.

Geometry Nodes
  • Reach out to gather feedback for the hair node groups.
  • Catch up on volumes (SDF vs fog), contributed to the discussion on their names in Blender (at the moment I'm lobbying for Surface Volume).
  • Formalized design proposal for how geometry nodes groups will be bundled with Blender (see Essentials Assets Bundle).
Brush Assets
  • Mostly end of last year, but worked on some usability passes for the pose library.
  • This should allow pose library to integrated better with the Asset shelf before brushes.
Next in the Agenda
  • Geometry Nodes menu restructure proposal.
  • Work with Simon Thommes to get some node groups "final" already.