January 9 - 13

For geometry nodes I finished a first version of the re-factored Add Menu. I also settled on the SDF Volume name after talking to some people.

The brush asset project is going through a slow start. So I've been working with Germano on giving Snapping from Base point another go. So far it means reiterating the design and testing.


Geometry Nodes Add Menu

Next in the Agenda
  • WBSO
  • Gitea metrics

January 2 - 6

Happy new year! This year I plan to focus more on product management and design and less in coordination. That should allow me to get back to have more tangible things to share in the reports.

Geometry Nodes
  • Reach out to gather feedback for the hair node groups.
  • Catch up on volumes (SDF vs fog), contributed to the discussion on their names in Blender (at the moment I'm lobbying for Surface Volume).
  • Formalized design proposal for how geometry nodes groups will be bundled with Blender (see Essentials Assets Bundle).
Brush Assets
  • Mostly end of last year, but worked on some usability passes for the pose library.
  • This should allow pose library to integrated better with the Asset shelf before brushes.
Next in the Agenda
  • Geometry Nodes menu restructure proposal.
  • Work with Simon Thommes to get some node groups "final" already.