July 4 - 8

The main work this week was to finish the blogpost about the new hair system, prepare its images, update the documentation and work with the team on any missing task.

I also had a meeting with Arnd about the new Gitea workflows. I will post the meeting notes next week.


  • Hair Curves: The new curves object is now available becb1530b1c.
  • Cleanup: make format 2c55d8c1cf6.
  • UI: Curves Sculpting - Remove duplicated entry for Curve Length c52a18abf84.
  • Fix curves sculpting Selection Paint missing refresh abbc8333ac1.

June 27 - July 1

  • Join the FOSS podcast with Pablo Vazquez.
  • Presented and discussed further the Library Overrides design with Bastien Montagne and Julian Eisel.
  • Implemented a better preview for the curves sculpt density distance preview (with Julian Eisel).
  • Tested a few patches regarding the new hair system.
  • Started a draft for a new blogpost about the design behind the new hair system.


March 21 - 25

Documented the process to update the third party licences and resumed my work on the apply modifier and transform for multi-user data objects.


  • Fix make source_archive_complete for release branches 643da14a4ef.