March 30 - April 3

Finished WBSO, meeting about Modules and Roles, GSoC proposals triaging, and code quality cleanup (LISTBASE_FOREACH).

  • Code Quality: Replace for loops with LISTBASE_FOREACH d138cbfb47e.
  • Cleanup: Including "BLI_listbase.h" for LISTBASE_FOREACH macro b0c1184875d.
  • Revert "Fix T72688: Vertex Group Weights in Edit Mode Occludes In Front Armatures" fa8a3c8f26f.

Next Week: More WBSO (meeting with consulting firm on Monday, it may requires extra work afterwards); and want to think/propose a good way to handle communication with bf-admins and eventually all the developers (regarding decision making, ...).

March 23 - 27

A lot of the week was taken by WBSO (subsidies form) and an on going early discussion about the release management process and roles. The final outcome of the release management proposal will still be made public.

Next week: Finish WBSO, and wrap up the release management process with all involved parties happy and go public about it.

March 16 - 22

Worked with Sem Mulder on finishing up the blender metrics projects (still needs work), started a table to organize the weekly work of every developer.

Finished and committed the code-cleanup "SortedIncludes". Also spent considerable time debugging and simplifying T74984 for the studio.

Next week: Finish queries with Sem, WBSO with Francesco.

March 9 - 15

Fixed some old-standing 2.8 stereo issues in the viewport. Final touches and publishing the asset manager article.

Next week: Organize online coordination, phabricator analize (queries, ...).

  • Fix stereoscopy reference image drawing in the viewport 6bcb6a0ea6e.
  • Fix stereoscopy drawing for camera background 5593efec01c.
  • Bug report preset update (last worked version) 16ed7aebf2b.
  • Fix T74516: Armature Crash on Select Similar Group b198cef89fa.
  • Cleanup: Clarify places to look for subversion bump dc8bb3f3a0b.

March 2 - 6

Moved asset manager article to (unpublished), and did an monthly delivery planning for the 10 big projects of 2020.

February 24 - 28

Article about asset manager (to be published), LTS discussions, and overall testing of the pending branches for 2.83 (reported a few bugs in greasepencil and volume branches.

February 17 - 21

UI/UX Workshop, coordinating the coding day for the full-time triagers, and organizing second phase of tracker curfew.

February 10 - 14

Blender 2.82 release management, cleaned up sample files for the demo page, and organized some of the remaining curfew tasks (i.e., cleanup the non-bf_blender tasks).


February 3 - 7

Worked mostly in the release logs.

January 27 - 31

Published the big projects for 2020 in, finished the FOSDEM presentation, and started to think about the big topic for February: modules, the roles in it, what to expect from developers, how to use devtalk (subforums as work places), patch review process. The week was a bit short for me due the the DoS attack on (need access to for my next two tasks).

Fosdem 2020 - Dalai.jpg
Next Week

Organize the code quality day (on Friday, but send the email and create the tasks prior to that), formalize the ideas for modules and to what to do with the backlog of patches (still think closing all pre-2.8 may be ok, but need for that), reserve some time for meetings with Jacques Luck.

January 20 - 24

Presented the 2020 big projects to Ton, then to the studio, then created the tasks online (failed to find time to do the FOSDEM presentation).


New projects tasks
Next Week

Add the projects to their corresponding module pages, blog post about the 2020 projects, final FOSDEM presentation.

January 13 - 17

Planning for 2020 projects, draft of FOSDEM presentation, devtalk changes, and regular tracker/management work.

Next Week

Formalize and bring developers up to pair with the main 2020 projects and finalize FOSDEM presentation.

January 6 - 10

Synced the entire team regarding the tracker curfew, built an initial graph system to keep track of the progress of the work.

Next Week

FOSDEM presentation, devtalk new scope proposal, finish up the graphs to follow the curfew.