December 23 - 27

Worked only on Monday finishing up the tracker curfew.

Next Week

Next year only, catch-up, send emails about weekly reports, see how the tracker curfew is going, and start the work on patch review.

December 16 - 20

I spent most of the week working with Sergey Sharybin in the Tracker Curfew. The most challenge part was the specification of what to do with each existing status and priorities, as well as making sure the migration of the database will happen uneventful.

Official announcement

Upcoming post

December 9 - 13

Blender 2.82 bcon2 took a lot of energy, on helping decide what is finished, what should be on, ...

Besides that I had a meeting with Brecht and another with Sergey on the main goals for the upcoming months.

  • UI: Remove User Preference "Enable All Experimental Features" afcdea3961.
  • Cleanup: Fix typo in user preference code 31a3b57037.

December 2 - 6

Week off.

November 25 - 29

Organized the Blender 2.82 per-module roadmap, started implementing missing outliner id data operators (D6332), fixed scene statistics for local collections and general tracker/triaging.

  • Fix T71000: Statistics don't take collections hidden state into account 9c4cec2de9.

Patches waiting for review

November 18 - 22

Fixed ID operations crash (too risky for 2.81 though), old silly pinning issue for empty images and committed filebrowser patches from last week. Besides triaging early in the week to try to catch any showstoppers for 2.81.

  • Outliner: Fixup for previous commit on tooltip/crash fix 3b16578fb4.
  • Outliner: Fix crash for tooltips on ID operations bc66810064.
  • Outliner: Don't show id operations (make single user) when not supported 9ca2cbdcea.
  • Fix T69798: Pinning empty image objects 12915aad65.
  • Fix: Filebrowser saving dialog size when maximized 49db3f6bf1.

November 11 - 15

Most of the week organizing the release, finding people for the showstoppers, and triaging.
As for myself, fixed two crashes (T71487, T71489), and ironed out the Filebrowser in Windows (T71590, D6260 D6259).

Patches waiting for review

November 4 - 8

Organized the docs from the discussions at the conference (on development structure, patch review, bug triaging) and started some of the conversations with the team to get the changes in place (starting with bug triaging).

Implemented the "User Preference Experimental" tab for 2.81 projects (e.g., VR). And fixed stereo 3d camera framing drawing (requested by Clément for the draw manager refactor, so it is working before the refactor takes place).

  • User Preference Experimental Tab a7fcd78d2d.
  • Viewport: Fix stereo 3d camera framings when pivot is not center 85637311c2.

October 14 - 18, 21 - 25, 28 - November 1

  • Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit.
  • Blender Conference.

October 7 - 11

I finally went over all the relevant collections issues I could find.

That included finishing and committing the local collections patch, as well as addressing a crash and visibility not-updated, cycles viewport render collections visibility and hiding empties for nested instanced collections. Some of these are patches yet to be reviewed.

Besides that, started organizing the documentation (T70623, TT70624) but the work itself is still to come. Finally, ended up with a fix for filebrowser id filter, besides some minor tracker work.

  • Fix T64901: Nesting collection instances could clutter object display b8f769fee8.
  • Local Collections: Allow users to show hidden collections 0812949bbc.
Patch waiting for review

September 30 - October 4

Finished and published the "Release Cycle" blog post, implemented the missing patch for collections in 2.81 (D5992) and small things like updating our release cycle wiki with more info, listing the projects we need to move (T68701) and mild tracker work.

Patch waiting for review
Blog post

September 23 - 27

I worked mostly in collections (3 bugs). I still need to get it to support showing viewport hidden collections though. Other than that preparing and running the biweekly and some triaging.

  • Fix T70080: Newly created objects not visible with local collections 3142ae19d2.
  • Fix T70046: Linked instanced collections not working with local collections 0dd83b385e.
  • Make new objects (from enabled collections or append) visible to local views 8cb8853ebc.

September 16 - 20

First pass on the " Blender 2.8x Release Cycle" blog post, finished and moved to the wiki the Bug Triaging Playbook and tracker.

Working in the tracker lead to the "Bugs, Triaging and Bcon2" bf-committers. The goal was to report the status of our tracker, and guide our developers on the decision making process of closing a bug, work on it, ...

September 9 - 13

Mainly a coordination week: Wrote Google Summer of Code report, had the second round of biweekly, removed bf-regression tag, and organized/wrote the initial pass on a "Blender Bug Triaging Playbook".

As for coding I finished (again ;)) the "Per-Viewport Collection Visibility" patch (D5611), and worked in the tracker with triaging (though that lead me into the Playbook work, so didn't close many reports).

Google Summer of Core report
Patch finished

September 2 - 6

Reviewed the OpenXR branch (D5537), once my concerns are addressed, it should be ready for a final pass by Brecht or Sergey. I believe we may merge it in time for 2.81. Also spent some time inconclusively trying to fix a stereo/side-by-side bug (T68796).

Blender 2.81 house cleaning: BCon1 ends next week, so I tagged all "Super Important" tasks to the 2.81 milestone, and the ones that won't be ready in time, set to 2.82 and lowered their priority in their respective modules.

Finally a few more development management tasks were created:

  • T69422: Canned responses for bug triaging.
  • T69421: Allow tasks to be read-only by public
  • T69411: Update release cycle images.

August 26 - 30

We now have "development management" as an official module - wiki (1, 2), tag, module page). Now it should be more clear for the other developers who is responsible for each area and what we are working on (we still need to add more tasks to it). And we finally have a tag for every top module, as well as a module page for all (VFX & Video was missing one).


There was also a meeting about Grease Pencil integration in the video editor (Matias, Daniel, Antonio, Pablo, William, Richard and me). The Grease Pencil team will present a proposal for a (not so) new concept of a project datablocks. There was talk about something similar in the past for Blender, but GreasePencil may be able to deliver our first solid use case for this.

And we had the first biweekly this week. Most developers were happy to have a moment to report their progress and for feedback. But we will need to work on the details for the next one (for instancing, developers working in the studio are already in too many mandatory meetings for us to add yet another one - Monday dev meeting, Tuesday kick-off, Friday weekly.

I finished the Per-Viewport Collection Visibility patch, which is now waiting for review.

And we kicked off the Mentorship program with Campbell implementing it for two areas/members.

Patch waiting for review

August 19 - 23

The main task this week was to organize the modules tasks. We decided to wait on phabricator changes to update tags and workboards as per the modules and projects reorganization proposal from last week. That said over 50 new tasks were created and added to the modules main page.

"This should help us all to prioritize our work, to give everyone a big picture of where we want to move, and to welcome new developers to get involved in projects that are already in our sight."

I also talked with Campbell Barton and Francesco Siddi. And started working in the per-viewport collection visibility.

New tasks for the modules

The complete list and email to bf-commiters.

  • User Interface: 2
  • Mesh Modeling: 8
  • Sculpt, Paint & Texture: 7
  • Animation: 10
  • Render & Cycles: 4
  • Data, Assets & I/O: 11
  • Python & Add-ons: 2
  • Nodes & Physics: 2
  • Platforms, Builds & Tests: 2
  • EEVEE & Viewport: 8

August 12 - 16

This week I helped review the GSoC Outliner branch, finished the timetable of currently hired developers (not shared publicly yet), and fixed two interesting bugs - an issue with text scale to fit and an "Unbreak Now" crash when changing editors to property editor (technically introduced in May :/).

Besides a few meetings with the team:

  • Philipp Oeser - 1:1, bug tracker process
  • Sebastian Parborg - 1:1, bug tracker and areas of interest
  • William Reynish - decision process
  • Daniel Pepeland - state of MPX / VR project
  • Julian Eisel - vision of VR and review of his kickoff doc for big picture
Docs / Meetings Notes
  • Fix T68705: Changing any editor to the properties crashes Blender cbd1739004.
  • Fix T68658: Text offset makes scale to fit not to work cb7ead2e3b.

August 5 - 9

Meeting with Nathan Letwory to catch up, meeting with Julian Severin about the OpenXR project, video chat with Pablo Dobarro and Richard Antalík.

I also started to build a timetable of the currently hired developers, to make it easy for people to plan meetings and communicate.


Finally here is my write up of OpenXR topics I sent to Julian Severin:

Post-Siggraph OpenXR / Blender thoughts

I don't think they are to be tackled by the Google Summer of Code project
(they could be since they all fit within backend / infrastructure support).
Either way we need to be sure supporting them doesn't come as a surprise down the line.

OpenXR vendor extensions
* It shouldn't be too hard in the future (as in, the system should
allow that without much hassle) to support vendor-specific extensions.
* For example, Varjo's HMD requires 4 renders in total to provide a
20/20 vision for the main focal point.

Frontal cameras
* Part of the core OpenXR implementation is the compositing to combine
the frontal cameras with the VR set.
* Example, user may want a mask (e.g., a sphere) to compose keyboard +
monitor + mouse + self with VR set.
* Even if custom masks are beyond the scope here, parametric ones
(cube, sphere, [obj]) should already prove this possible.

See-through headsets (mixed reality)
* Use case, user models a car, while the car is on her desk.
* Streaming of the data may be outside the scope of Blender (there
must be 3rd party solutions for that), but we should be able to work
with MR all the same.
* This also highlights that we need to be able to support scene
scale/position/orientation per viewport/scene even. If I remember
correctly OpenXR already accounts for that.

User interaction
* Gestures, controllers, ... these inputs should be mappeable by the user.
* Core functions like teleport should be presented as options, but we
also operators (like keymaps).
* Non-gesture inputs are more tricky to implement (e.g., so you can
sculpt), but really important as well.

July 22 - August 2

Away - vacation + Siggraph.

July 15 - 19

I focused on bug-fixes and tracker, in support to the upcoming release candidate week.


July 8 - 12

A week full of variety:

  • Bug fixes (text overflow, selection evaluation, stereo 3d quadbuffer, multi-object up constraint).
  • Coordination meetings (notes on bf-committers).
  • Small manual update (fonts > layout images).
  • Regular tracker work (another round of design iteration in Snap tools (T66484) and few replies here and there.

I expect most of the coordination duties to start only in August. But next week we will have our 4th coordination meeting where we get to roles and tasks Brecht wants to delegate.

Patch Waiting for Review
  • Fix T66530: set_stereo_3d (pageflip) exists Blender d3e1782abc.
  • Fix T66627: Multiobject Edit UV constraint to image bounds fde88ad9d2.
  • Coordination Monday meeting notes.
  • Coordination Friday meeting notes.

July 1 - 5

This week was spent in meetings (3 in total), writing a proposal for the snap tools project (T66484 and a bit of coding. Coding was a regression from 2.7 on cycles baking and a low hanging fruit regarding making duplicated real and the outliner.

  • Fix T66327 2/2: Make instance real does not clear collection 784121d62a.
  • Fix T66327 1/2: Outliner dupli empty is shown as collection when a different duplitype 68c39e2b41.
  • Fix T63302: Crash when baking normals from selected to active with no cage 50ccbe6bb2.

June 24 - 28

Bug fixes included outliner drawing issues to display children of "hidden" objects (e.g., when filtering only selected) and an issue of objects stuck in non-object mode. Besides regular tracker work like T63302 (simplifying report) and T66132 (nailing the issue).

I also decided to do an test overview of our Python templates - we had broken samples, outdated tooltip, console warnings and bad behaviour (gizmo going opposite direction to mouse).

  • Python Templates: Small fix for gizmo custom geometry f5e0ae655e.
  • Python Templates: Update Custom Nodes tooltip 30d65c326a.
  • Python Templates: Silence _MT_ warning in pie menu template 0519bb584b.
  • Python Templates: Fix Operator Mesh Add da25748be7.
  • Fix T65263: Outliner doesn't display selected object if parent not selected 40a1c67165.
  • Partial fix to T66126: Non-Active Grease Pencil object stuck in drawmode 7037ff9204.
  • Fix T65999: Crash when disabling an addon while its panel is visible a6d2f9ffd0.

June 17 - 21

I worked in the collections and view layer pages in the manual. Some of the work was to bring what we had (graphs and text) in the code.blender blog into the manual, and update accordingly. I also did a first pass in the panel to get rid of the old layers.

Besides I worked in a regression crash and finally managed to work in the collection UI in the viewport. We haven't yet solved how to display hierarchy there, as well as to make the 1-10 beaviour sane. I'm yet to hear from other developers, but I'm happy with the result so far.


Patch Waiting for Review
  • Rename: Save custom Studio light > Save Custom Studio Light dbd3d76447.
  • Move to Collection: Fix tooltip e73647bf5b.

June 10 - 14

I started this week getting my pipeline for editing the manual up and running. My original pipeline involved live-editing in vim, however it was out (2014) and many things changed since. So I gave up on it and found peace in a vs-code centric pipeline.

This aside I worked mostly in the Outliner manual page (committed), and in the tracker. I really only fixed a simple bug (measure addon), while I spent more time there assigning, reproducing and closing reports.

  • Fix T65795: MeasureIt addon: measure disappear when I exclude collection dccf8a46dc.
  • Fix T65641: Move to collection - arrow keys work in the opposite direction f51de2246c by mano-wii.
Manual writing within vs code

June 3 - 7

Fixed outliner bugs (crash and drawing), improved the behaviour of the 1-20 operator (still wants to improve that further) and fixed an issue with files saved in edit mode in some obscure corner cases.

I also spent time investigating an issue with tools and multi-windows (T63694). I was able to identify what is the issue, and Campbell suggested a plan of action. I haven't tackled it though.

  • Fix T65420: Crash in file saved with edit mesh 6a15564682.
  • Collections: Never change the collection views visibility when unhiding it e70428c80e.
  • Tooltip: Fix use_preview_range tooltip (OpenGL > View) dd81efa4a3.
  • Fix T65502: Crash when moving Collection into disabled Collection e80cbdac33.
  • Outliner: Fix drawing of collection with disabled parent fa24ec41aa.
  • Fix T65448 - Outliner - Show all inside in disabled collection crash c39a8657be.

May 27 - 31

Bug fixing - work in collection like preventing users from setting master collection flags, fix stats info for instances, crash on selection. I also spent some time on the tracker itself, testing bugs, replying, closing.

Besides, walk mode is now using the fancy icons for its shortcuts. It is nice to expand its usage beyond the tools only.

Status bar - walk mode.png
  • Fix T65330: Blender crash when double click on face d5b813301a.
  • Fix T64990: Isolate collection wrong reaction 6f9518f243.
  • Fix Outliner: New collections are hidden d0258abdd7.
  • Update Python GPU example to latest depsgraph API c01e43d024.
  • Walk mode: Enable fancy icons instead of text for shortcuts 6eebeb577d.
  • Fix T65278: Stats info and instancing "misinformation" db67a17d17.
  • Fix T63173: Dragging hidden collection inside a visible one unhides it 4ed6b891d5.
  • Fix addon (btrace) to use latest depsgraph API 178738ed.

May 20 - 24

Bug fixing week, and API cleanup.

For the API it included using the new toggle keyword for the new visibility panel, and remove _base_ from users entirely (simplifying scripts that need to override context).

For bugfixing there was some bugs I introduced in recent commits, but also a sequencer crash, auto-preference saving for theme reset and a few outliner/collection related issues.

Patch Waiting for Review
  • Update "Overriding Context" API example caf52e3779.
  • Fix T65094: Sequencer crashes blender when scene strip has NULL scene 7d44184c85.
  • Sequencer: Fix UI when scene strip has a NULL scene 0cb2c20ada.
  • Outliner: Fix selecting collections in view layer selecting original objects 5df4c0a469.
  • Outliner: Set View Layer as the default mode for new outliners b60c43aabd.
  • Fix T65028: Eye icon not toggle-able from the outliner for linked objects d8f096406b.
  • Fix T65060: Outliner - Sort Alphabetically checkbox is not working be03e678e3.
  • Fix T65059: Crash in empty scenes for context _bases functions fae5896249.
  • Visibility panel: Use "toggle" keyword 6539cf3199.
  • Remove "_base*" from context API 0910932e71.
  • Fix: Reset to the default theme not auto-saved 9be7c831f6.
  • UI: add Visibility panel for objects 785ff8e1d2.
  • Fix build 301806a067.
Bugs reported
  • T65093: ASAN crash when using navigation (orbiting) gizmo.
  • T65080: Assert on editor split while dragging to resize.
  • T65095: Hiding a nested collection doesn't immediately update its parent instances in the scene.

May 13 - 17

More work on the outliner user interface - graying out states based on hierarchy, better tooltips, and Shift + Click for objects properties.

Also worked on a panel for object visibility settings in the Properties editor. It is a bit tricky/hacky to get this right, but I have a working version waiting for review in [D4889].

Object Visibility Panel.png

Patch Waiting for Review
  • Outliner: Make restriction icons inactive based on hierarchy value e3ea703b09.
  • Set selection column restrict hidden by default 0255cf8126.
  • Fix icon for outliner temporarily hide 70d67de5e5.
  • Fix default open outliner restrict columns 5c8df0a742.
  • Fix T64467: Outliner Rename drawing overlapping restriction column + checkbox a63be6c6c7.
  • Outliner Tooltips Cleanup: Retrict/Allow > Restrict ; set/unset > set 32c7da1e37.
  • T64020: Outliner - implement Shift + Click for objects as well 41858a7311.
  • Code style cleanup: make format f4902fa268.
  • Outliner Restriction: Naming sanitization and icon 777a546c0c.
  • Outliner restriction filter: Unify order 903041e1c0.
  • T64607: Outliner UI Tooltips 9b80318a28.

May 6 - 10

Finished the outliner visibility changes patch:

  • Granular restriction visibility toggles.
  • Expose layer collection "holdout" and "indirect only".
  • Set children (shift+click) fully working.
  • Isolate (ctrl+click) fully working, and toggleable (if you try to isolate a collection already isolated it toggles between isolate and "show" all).

Note: We need to define what do we want to do with the non-object visibility icons (e.g., modifier, bones). Right now they are in the same column as viewport visibility, but I suspect we may want to shuffle this around or at least make sure they use the same icons as collecions/objects.

Outliner options.png

April 29 - May 4

Finished and committed the refactor/cleanup in the object/object base flag. Small tweaks (UI) and fix (unlink operator not working for children in outliner). But the core of the work was in the (still local, and work in progress) outliner visibility implementation - T651578:

Outliner enable (wip).gif

  • Outliner: Fix "Unlink" not working for parented objects b7277aac72.
  • UI: Collections Visibility panel tweaks ab33692bc2.
  • Cleanup/update comment on flag_legacy values d4126238b4.
  • Fix T63343: Duplicated object is hidden whereas it should not 1aa093ce9c.
  • Stop using deprecated ob->flag & SELECT ae7db030da.
  • Remove BKE_scene_object_base_flag_sync_from_object 2d32372c59.
  • Refactor: Use object select API - ED_object_base_select 088d59c3d3.
  • Grease Pencil: Fix using wrong flag for selecting objects on convert c7452f14c5.
  • Cleanup: Object base syncing already happening as part of ED_object_base_select 7388856318.

April 22 - 26

Fixed and refactored the outliner parent patch which is now committed. Besides I spent some time on a needed refactor on the object and base flags (i.e., getting rid of BKE_scene_object_base_flag_sync_from_object, and sanitize the use of ED_object_base_select). Once this is ready this will fix T63343, but for now I'm keeping the commits local.

  • Outliner parenting hierarchy: Sort for children when not a-z sorting 78f8679cfc.
  • Fix T63869: Crash in new outliner show parenting hierarchy edff789292.
  • Outliner: Show parenting hierarchy in view layer view 5f888e65c3.
  • Outliner draw: Fix using wrong flag to tag object on visibility change 1ab1d987fa.
  • Rename: Separate: By loose parts > By Loose Parts 0e4e1d257c.

April 15 - 19

Tackled two high priority bugs this week: one is fixed (outliner crash depending on selected object); the other is waiting for review show parent/children in outliner.

Besides that I did some small changes: toggle collection visibility with shift; make outliner bone selection to mimic viewport's multi-object behaviour.

Patches waiting for review
Outliner Collection and Parenting.png
  • Outliner: Simplify logic for parent nesting 2a39f2595b.
  • Selecting a pose bone in outliner deselect others d29bd6c6b7.
  • Fix T63066: Outliner crash when selecting object being in armature editmode e6151bc4c1.
  • Fix T63204: Toggle collection visibility with shift e017d89eae.

March 25 - April 12

Time off and code quest home stretching.

March 18 - 22

Stereoscopy drawing fixes (sequencer, viewport camera frame), re-did and committed the fix for cycles update on viewlayer change, fixed objects (un)selected on paste, and missing DEG tag update for hiding curves.

  • Fix T62815: Camera frame shift issue + stereo frame working faecac0b5e.
  • Viewport Refactor: Move camera tracking reconstruction in own function 4015d162df.
  • Silence false positive uninitialized warning 820be185bc.
  • Fix warning for uninitialized icon_only 243a9254ea.
  • Fix: VSE preview not showing stereo drawing (unreported) 74b47e4181.
  • Fix T58517: Multi-view issues with OpenGL render + scene settings 5f45cbb26e.
  • Silence warnings 193b708a48.
  • Fix T62348: Cycles - Viewport rendering not update on switching viewlayer 9a49a26eb3.
  • Fix T62841: Hidden collection shortcut should be work in edit mode a17df6d91e.
  • Fix T61670: Copy -> Paste - Pasted elements are not selected 0c44b7e177.
  • Unify "Hide Selected / Reveal Hidden" operator names 540f50a4da.
  • Fix T62735: hiding curves doesnt hide in viewport 7cf1b81b3c.
  • Silence sorted function declaration/const warnings b7255d33da.

March 11 - 15

Mixed bug fixes. Finished the workspace context menu issue, master collection in collection related operators, local view fix for python objects (torus) and hook, unhide all selection issue, armature pose/edit mode issues crash and outliner visibility/depsgraph bug.

Patches waiting for review
  • Remove object hide_* operators from outliner keymap 4510f88d00.
  • Fix T62438: Unhide all doesn't set newly visible objects to selected b7d942446f.
  • Fix T62313 - No way to remove object from master collection in 3d view 713010bd77.
  • Fix T62320: Outliner collection disable not propagating to other view layers fcffbe1d1b.
  • Fix: "Jump To Target" showing up in workspace context menu 2e043c266b.
  • Fix T62377: Crash hiding Armature in edit mode and switching to pose 868a6797e0.
  • Fix Hook to New Object won't appear in Local View e37e105fed.
  • Fix T62436: New added Torus won't appear in Local View 9054b39b27.
  • Silence warning commits db5ca11d80, aaa35d1092.

March 4 - 8

Another bug fixing week. I started with some stereo drawing reported regression bugs, got a bit caught up on it (fixed some 2.79 bugs even :/), and moved to grease pencil pinning. This was severely broken and bit beyond the greasepencil team's expertise (Antonio Vazquez asked to look at this).

I then moved on to fix a workspace high priority bug -T57655. I end up spending my time preparing the terrain - fixed 2 bugs, submitted patch for 2 more workspace issues - but being able to tackle the bug itself yet.

Patches waiting for review
  • Fix active workspace changes when deleting workspace a0f2923fd8.
  • Fix crash when deleting workspaces too fast aa49444c29.
  • Final fix for greasepencil materials assign/select/deselect in edit mode 2ada9c5bc8.
  • Fix T62349: Grease Pencil top material list not working 4ccaf56814.
  • Properties Editor: Grease Pencil and pinning fixes 92d185faeb.
  • Minor UI fix: Disable stereo volume alpha when stereo volume is disabled 8eca5c3f7a.
  • Fix build for Linux systems c2ff8735f5.
  • Fix stereoscopy convergence plane placement b94ec178a2.
  • Fix stereo plane pass and state 0ec98863e2.
  • Viewport: Fix stereoscopy volume "wires" not showing 3fc7d51ed3.
  • Fix T62118: Stereo drawing options visible from camera view f1fef41863.
  • Fixup for fix for OSX build using a build folder name with spaces 69c8248a1c.

February 25 - March 1

I addressed review comments on the outliner collections duplicate patch, and committed it. Followed by sorted bugs such as:

  • Grease pencil panel not pinning
  • Grease pencil icon not building.
  • Delete hierarchy crash.
  • OSX build fixup
  • Visibility icons drag issue.

Besides work on tracker, and even reporting a few bugs I ran into.

  • Fix T62098: Outliner: Delete hierarchy crash d1baed5e3d.
  • Fixup for fix for OSX build using a build folder name with spaces 42faf52d8b.
  • Fix T62025: Outliner and viewport missing update after deleting object 589d089472.
  • Fix T62016: Outliner visibility icons drag behaviour broken 92182495da 568fa11a04.
  • Outliner: Collections Duplicate - remove original duplicate operator 7d4e1ac727.
  • Outliner: Collection - Duplicate Hierarchy, and Duplicate Linked Hierarchy e7ea99af1b 619c65a4b3.
  • Cleanup: Set BKE_key_from_object/_p to take const Object * dbab52e4c0.
  • Fix: Grease Pencil data panels not working with pinning ce104ca896.
  • Grease Pencil: Strokes Cut icon 1beada2c62.
  • Grease Pencil: Silence warning 3d59599afe.

February 18 - 22

This week I worked on a fixup for the visibility unification, physics related bug, regression on filepath handling, regression on collection switching and small cleanups.

Besides that, I have a patch ready for review, requested by Julien Kaspar on T57064, that adds Duplicate Hierarchy and Duplicate Linked Hierarchy for the outliner.

Patch ready
  • D4394: Outliner: Collection - Duplicate Hierarchy, and Duplicate Linked Hierarchy.
  • Fix: Workbench assert on non-image texture node 655faca105.
  • Cleanup: Remove redundant function call e9f738754d.
  • Fix T55921: Toggling visibility for collections doesn't work in Pose b6c61945ae.
  • Fix T61788: Hidden objects reappear after rendering e278b38b92.
  • Fix T61600: Physics properties inactive when appending objects bef82f72d2.
  • EEVEE Shader comments: Explain why material gets darkened when using mix shader 0e7409d466.
  • Fix T61696: Filepath buttons not accepting empty values 6c0cbfcd53.

February 11 - 15

The main fix of this week was outliner and object data. While fixing the crash, I refactored the logic for outliner and obdata clicking. We now switch the active object, and always go to the edit/pose mode expected. Also addressed the bug with high priority that I was more comfortable with (crash switching workspaces) beside sorted fixes (bake action, rigid body data missing).

Finally we had a design meeting about outliner, collections and visibility. William Reynish wrote notes and an initial proposal here: T61578.

  • Fix T61512: Crash switching workspace with fullscreen area eff3728db9.
  • Fix T61210: Crash/inconsistency when clicking on obdata in outliner 2b7752fb00.
  • Fix T61567: Object loose its rigid body data when moving to collection f5ac1f444b.
  • Fix Object > Animation > Bake Action caf89c3de1.
  • Fix "typo" in show_object_viewport* RNA_def_property_update 09b40aa039.
  • Cleanup: Use ID_IS_LINKED instead of id.lib 66c23ea2b4.
  • Fix: objects in outliner cannot be disabled 69f50e6ea9.

February 4 - 8

I wrapped up and committed the outliner visibility unification. The rest of the week was spent polishing up the visibility functionality:

* A few bug fixes (not change linked ID data).
* New functionality (H, Alt+H in the outliner unified for objects and collections).
* Isolate object.

A lot of the polishing was based on Julien Kaspar feedback, on behalf of the Blender Animation Studio and William Reynish.

  • Outliner visibility: Prevent changing linked objects and collections 191b8951f7.
  • Outliner Visibility: Alt+H operator to unhide all objects and collections e04d6794d0.
  • Outliner Visibility: H operator to hide collection or objects 744223afbf.
  • Outliner visibility: Ctrl to isolate object 3f537f30e6.
  • Fix T61287: Object restrict viewport ignored in instanced collection 02581a7ef8.
  • Remove no-longer needed function 5ed27372ab.
  • Fixup for outliner visibility not changing disable state db231e87fc.
  • Outliner visibility: Respect original viewport enable/disable state 766741b0aa.
  • Outliner visibility unification: Prevent master collection visibility to change e3a3782d7f.
  • Outliner visibility unification: Implement 3 levels of viewport visibility 897e047374.
  • Outliner: eyes for collection affect collection visibility e3f7f0c3eb.
  • Outliner: Gray out collections only when they are invisible dc7f312326.
  • Per view-layer collection visibility 3d984aa150.
  • Fix T61204: Can't select Camera in stereoscopy mode d1ef6be4a7.

January 28 - February 1

Besides some minor triaging on tracker, I finished the outliner visibility patch.

Outliner collection visibility context menu

Including :

* Not rebuild depsgraph on visibility change (only on disable collections).
* Expose all options (isolate, hide/show, hide/show hierarchy, enable/disable) to a context menu in outliner.
* Support drag & drop

It should be merged as soon as it is reviewed.

January 21 - 25

More bug fixes on stereo (Cycles rendering, image editor), freestyle rendering and small UI polishing. Apart from that I spent the time working on the outliner visibility patch. There are still a few things missing, which I want to address the following week. But this week I tackled:

* From review: Ctrl + Click to isolate collection
* From review: Alt + Click to disable visibility
* From review: hide > disable
  • Fix T58142: Crash when use Cycles to render stereoscopy 699b49e8e9.
  • Fix Freestyle (ASAN detected) crash fa1d5586a1.
  • Fix T60775: Stereo drawing in image editor broken (shows only right eye) d96f1fcd39.
  • EEVEE UI: Render/Viewport Samples - follow Cycles 178299278b.

January 14 - 18

Week off.

January 7 - 11

Stereoscopy 3d drawing is fixed in the viewport, and the stereo 3d support elements are back:

* Cameras
* Convergence Plane / Alpha
* Stereoscopy Volume / Alpha
Stereoscopy Viewport Blender 2.80.png

Initially what was broken was simply the drawing of the stereoscopy 3d for converging cameras. This issue was introduced with copy-on-write. With this fixed and out of the way, I decided to port the viewport stereo element drawings since we never prioritized that.

  • Viewport: Stereoscopy drawing is back ce3475f747.
  • BKE_camera_multiview_model_matrix: Add _scaled version ba89b69ebd.
  • Drawing API: shgroup_instance and shgroup_instance_alpha clarification 9f6e09bd8c.
  • Fix T60328: Stereoscopy Convergence Plane broken 0bd20aa7df.
  • Revert "Fix T60044: Sculpting brush is not visible on file load" 583c321334.

January 1 - 4

Bug fixing and tracker. More triaging than I was hoping to, but I ran out of confirmed bugs assigned to me.

  • Silence warning bfac8a429c.
  • Partial fix T60148: EEVEE hangs when anamorphic bokeh is too low 1753177ad8.
  • EEVEE DoF: Fix runtime error: division by zero when blades was 0 bdbe484428.
  • Fix T60044: Sculpting brush is not visible on file load 4d8ed937f2.
  • Fix poll function for SelectPattern operator c862c14339.
  • Fix T60030: Select pattern fails with pose bones 6fdfa55667.

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