March 18 - 22

Stereoscopy drawing fixes (sequencer, viewport camera frame), re-did and committed the fix for cycles update on viewlayer change, fixed objects (un)selected on paste, and missing DEG tag update for hiding curves.

  • Fix T62815: Camera frame shift issue + stereo frame working faecac0b5e1.
  • Viewport Refactor: Move camera tracking reconstruction in own function 4015d162df5.
  • Silence false positive uninitialized warning 820be185bc3.
  • Fix warning for uninitialized icon_only 243a9254ea5.
  • Fix: VSE preview not showing stereo drawing (unreported) 74b47e4181d.
  • Fix T58517: Multi-view issues with OpenGL render + scene settings 5f45cbb26ec.
  • Silence warnings 193b708a486.
  • Fix T62348: Cycles - Viewport rendering not update on switching viewlayer 9a49a26eb38.
  • Fix T62841: Hidden collection shortcut should be work in edit mode a17df6d91e6.
  • Fix T61670: Copy -> Paste - Pasted elements are not selected 0c44b7e177f.
  • Unify "Hide Selected / Reveal Hidden" operator names 540f50a4da6.
  • Fix T62735: hiding curves doesnt hide in viewport 7cf1b81b3c6.
  • Silence sorted function declaration/const warnings b7255d33dac.

March 11 - 15

Mixed bug fixes. Finished the workspace context menu issue, master collection in collection related operators, local view fix for python objects (torus) and hook, unhide all selection issue, armature pose/edit mode issues crash and outliner visibility/depsgraph bug.

Patches waiting for review
  • Remove object hide_* operators from outliner keymap 4510f88d00a.
  • Fix T62438: Unhide all doesn't set newly visible objects to selected b7d942446f8.
  • Fix T62313 - No way to remove object from master collection in 3d view 713010bd779.
  • Fix T62320: Outliner collection disable not propagating to other view layers fcffbe1d1b3.
  • Fix: "Jump To Target" showing up in workspace context menu 2e043c266bf.
  • Fix T62377: Crash hiding Armature in edit mode and switching to pose 868a6797e0d.
  • Fix Hook to New Object won't appear in Local View e37e105fedb.
  • Fix T62436: New added Torus won't appear in Local View 9054b39b27c.
  • Silence warning commits db5ca11d802, aaa35d10924.

March 4 - 8

Another bug fixing week. I started with some stereo drawing reported regression bugs, got a bit caught up on it (fixed some 2.79 bugs even :/), and moved to grease pencil pinning. This was severely broken and bit beyond the greasepencil team's expertise (Antonio Vazquez asked to look at this).

I then moved on to fix a workspace high priority bug -T57655. I end up spending my time preparing the terrain - fixed 2 bugs, submitted patch for 2 more workspace issues - but being able to tackle the bug itself yet.

Patches waiting for review
  • Fix active workspace changes when deleting workspace a0f2923fd82.
  • Fix crash when deleting workspaces too fast aa49444c291.
  • Final fix for greasepencil materials assign/select/deselect in edit mode 2ada9c5bc8f.
  • Fix T62349: Grease Pencil top material list not working 4ccaf56814a.
  • Properties Editor: Grease Pencil and pinning fixes 92d185faebe.
  • Minor UI fix: Disable stereo volume alpha when stereo volume is disabled 8eca5c3f7ab.
  • Fix build for Linux systems c2ff8735f53.
  • Fix stereoscopy convergence plane placement b94ec178a20.
  • Fix stereo plane pass and state 0ec98863e27.
  • Viewport: Fix stereoscopy volume "wires" not showing 3fc7d51ed3d.
  • Fix T62118: Stereo drawing options visible from camera view f1fef41863b.
  • Fixup for fix for OSX build using a build folder name with spaces 69c8248a1ce.

February 25 - March 1

I addressed review comments on the outliner collections duplicate patch, and committed it. Followed by sorted bugs such as:

  • Grease pencil panel not pinning
  • Grease pencil icon not building.
  • Delete hierarchy crash.
  • OSX build fixup
  • Visibility icons drag issue.

Besides work on tracker, and even reporting a few bugs I ran into.

  • Fix T62098: Outliner: Delete hierarchy crash d1baed5e3d0.
  • Fixup for fix for OSX build using a build folder name with spaces 42faf52d8bc.
  • Fix T62025: Outliner and viewport missing update after deleting object 589d0894722.
  • Fix T62016: Outliner visibility icons drag behaviour broken 92182495da8 568fa11a040.
  • Outliner: Collections Duplicate - remove original duplicate operator 7d4e1ac727f.
  • Outliner: Collection - Duplicate Hierarchy, and Duplicate Linked Hierarchy e7ea99af1b0 619c65a4b33.
  • Cleanup: Set BKE_key_from_object/_p to take const Object * dbab52e4c0d.
  • Fix: Grease Pencil data panels not working with pinning ce104ca8964.
  • Grease Pencil: Strokes Cut icon 1beada2c62d.
  • Grease Pencil: Silence warning 3d59599afe7.

February 18 - 22

This week I worked on a fixup for the visibility unification, physics related bug, regression on filepath handling, regression on collection switching and small cleanups.

Besides that, I have a patch ready for review, requested by Julien Kaspar on T57064, that adds Duplicate Hierarchy and Duplicate Linked Hierarchy for the outliner.

Patch ready
  • D4394: Outliner: Collection - Duplicate Hierarchy, and Duplicate Linked Hierarchy.
  • Fix: Workbench assert on non-image texture node 655faca1058.
  • Cleanup: Remove redundant function call e9f738754d1.
  • Fix T55921: Toggling visibility for collections doesn't work in Pose b6c61945aed.
  • Fix T61788: Hidden objects reappear after rendering e278b38b921.
  • Fix T61600: Physics properties inactive when appending objects bef82f72d27.
  • EEVEE Shader comments: Explain why material gets darkened when using mix shader 0e7409d466f.
  • Fix T61696: Filepath buttons not accepting empty values 6c0cbfcd530.

February 11 - 15

The main fix of this week was outliner and object data. While fixing the crash, I refactored the logic for outliner and obdata clicking. We now switch the active object, and always go to the edit/pose mode expected. Also addressed the bug with high priority that I was more comfortable with (crash switching workspaces) beside sorted fixes (bake action, rigid body data missing).

Finally we had a design meeting about outliner, collections and visibility. William Reynish wrote notes and an initial proposal here: T61578.

  • Fix T61512: Crash switching workspace with fullscreen area eff3728db91.
  • Fix T61210: Crash/inconsistency when clicking on obdata in outliner 2b7752fb007.
  • Fix T61567: Object loose its rigid body data when moving to collection f5ac1f444b6.
  • Fix Object > Animation > Bake Action caf89c3de16.
  • Fix "typo" in show_object_viewport* RNA_def_property_update 09b40aa0397.
  • Cleanup: Use ID_IS_LINKED instead of id.lib 66c23ea2b4a.
  • Fix: objects in outliner cannot be disabled 69f50e6ea98.

February 4 - 8

I wrapped up and committed the outliner visibility unification. The rest of the week was spent polishing up the visibility functionality:

* A few bug fixes (not change linked ID data).
* New functionality (H, Alt+H in the outliner unified for objects and collections).
* Isolate object.

A lot of the polishing was based on Julien Kaspar feedback, on behalf of the Blender Animation Studio and William Reynish.

  • Outliner visibility: Prevent changing linked objects and collections 191b8951f7a.
  • Outliner Visibility: Alt+H operator to unhide all objects and collections e04d6794d01.
  • Outliner Visibility: H operator to hide collection or objects 744223afbf4.
  • Outliner visibility: Ctrl to isolate object 3f537f30e6b.
  • Fix T61287: Object restrict viewport ignored in instanced collection 02581a7ef81.
  • Remove no-longer needed function 5ed27372ab4.
  • Fixup for outliner visibility not changing disable state db231e87fc8.
  • Outliner visibility: Respect original viewport enable/disable state 766741b0aa8.
  • Outliner visibility unification: Prevent master collection visibility to change e3a3782d7fa.
  • Outliner visibility unification: Implement 3 levels of viewport visibility 897e047374f.
  • Outliner: eyes for collection affect collection visibility e3f7f0c3ebd.
  • Outliner: Gray out collections only when they are invisible dc7f3123266.
  • Per view-layer collection visibility 3d984aa1503.
  • Fix T61204: Can't select Camera in stereoscopy mode d1ef6be4a77.

January 28 - February 1

Besides some minor triaging on tracker, I finished the outliner visibility patch.

Outliner collection visibility context menu

Including :

* Not rebuild depsgraph on visibility change (only on disable collections).
* Expose all options (isolate, hide/show, hide/show hierarchy, enable/disable) to a context menu in outliner.
* Support drag & drop

It should be merged as soon as it is reviewed.

January 21 - 25

More bug fixes on stereo (Cycles rendering, image editor), freestyle rendering and small UI polishing. Apart from that I spent the time working on the outliner visibility patch. There are still a few things missing, which I want to address the following week. But this week I tackled:

* From review: Ctrl + Click to isolate collection
* From review: Alt + Click to disable visibility
* From review: hide > disable
  • Fix T58142: Crash when use Cycles to render stereoscopy 699b49e8e9d.
  • Fix Freestyle (ASAN detected) crash fa1d5586a1a.
  • Fix T60775: Stereo drawing in image editor broken (shows only right eye) d96f1fcd394.
  • EEVEE UI: Render/Viewport Samples - follow Cycles 178299278b7.

January 14 - 18

Week off.

January 7 - 11

Stereoscopy 3d drawing is fixed in the viewport, and the stereo 3d support elements are back:

* Cameras
* Convergence Plane / Alpha
* Stereoscopy Volume / Alpha
Stereoscopy Viewport Blender 2.80.png

Initially what was broken was simply the drawing of the stereoscopy 3d for converging cameras. This issue was introduced with copy-on-write. With this fixed and out of the way, I decided to port the viewport stereo element drawings since we never prioritized that.

  • Viewport: Stereoscopy drawing is back ce3475f7479.
  • BKE_camera_multiview_model_matrix: Add _scaled version ba89b69ebdb.
  • Drawing API: shgroup_instance and shgroup_instance_alpha clarification 9f6e09bd8c1.
  • Fix T60328: Stereoscopy Convergence Plane broken 0bd20aa7df2.
  • Revert "Fix T60044: Sculpting brush is not visible on file load" 583c3213347.

January 1 - 4

Bug fixing and tracker. More triaging than I was hoping to, but I ran out of confirmed bugs assigned to me.

  • Silence warning bfac8a429c7.
  • Partial fix T60148: EEVEE hangs when anamorphic bokeh is too low 1753177ad8a.
  • EEVEE DoF: Fix runtime error: division by zero when blades was 0 bdbe4844284.
  • Fix T60044: Sculpting brush is not visible on file load 4d8ed937f22.
  • Fix poll function for SelectPattern operator c862c14339e.
  • Fix T60030: Select pattern fails with pose bones 6fdfa556678.

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