December 17 - 21

That was a short development week for me. Basically fixing some long standing crash on collections, drawing updates and missing eevee ui property.

  • Fix T57816: Crash when deleting recently orphaned collection 36184f73926.
  • Fix T58899: Eevee - Material Index missing from panel 6fc840b87ca.
  • Potential fix for sculpt mask diffuse color drawing update 74b3b819034.
  • Fix Sculpt mask enable/disable does not update drawing immediatelly e113b402bd5.

December 10 - 14

Tracker and bug fix week again. Went over reports, closed a few, fixed sorted ones (search buttons, missing redraw tags, missing ui buttons, ...). Wrapped up Cycles baking but a new bug was reported (T59360) - it is related to opensubdiv though.

All in all a good week. I'm looking forward for a non-bug-fixing week in the future though, since I would like to finish up the collection visibility changes.

  • Removing experimental Object Collections addon 6ee58734.
  • Fix T59388: Blender crash upon F3 command search in VSE 9fbada4a3bc.
  • UV pin: Use ID_RECALC_COPY_ON_WRITE instead of the almighty 0 fa41350c720.
  • Fix T59381: UV editor - Pinned vertex missing update a63209e1754.
  • Fix UV editor missing/typo circle_select 2b7e56964a9.
  • Fix T59322: View Layer - Search not working fc74903f272.
  • Fix T58351: Make Single User crashes 0e76ff18b5b.
  • New object API function : BKE_object_eval_reset() dc4c1be1a44.
  • Build fixup for previous commit 10508338d88.
  • Fixing crash with cycles baking with is_cage and no cage 285cfef695e.
  • Silence warning (const) 4d395a34dcd.
  • Fix Cycles baking active/cage 6871402614f.

December 3 - 7

Tracker and bug fix week. Some bugs in my areas (local view, action zones, cycles baking) and some sorted ones. I'm still mid-way into a final Cycles baking fix. But I may not be able to finish this until next week. But once this is done, cycles baking would be back to fully working.

  • Fix T58896: Addons with without name keywork ec5d4c9a.
  • Fix selected to active Cycles Baking f40a88a4ba9.
  • Update BVHTree.FromObject API, remove render argument e7c3f7ba6f1.
  • Partial fix to T58917 - No valid cage cc61b21dff5.
  • Fix T58871: New Scene Collection Does Not Create A New Collection a48bd6cc742.
  • Fix T58904: Side tabs disappear when creating new View Layer 892a104d2cc.
  • Fix T58325: Local view Bug 3cce7b7ab92.
  • Implement bvhtree.fromObject 80ffd7b4597.
  • Cleanup: Action zone coordinates be012c88c52.
  • Fix area splitting from action zone flipping viewports 7c56ac23556.

November 26 - 30

I committed the local view patch, and did follow up fixes on it. Next I worked on collection visibility.

The work was done according to the plan Brecht and I agreed on, but it got reverted due to user feedback (see T57857).

I finished an alternative patch to be tested on the studio before committing this time. This unifies the visibility in the outliner for objects and collections (so no eye and screen icons).


Other commits (done outside BI work)

November 19 - 23

I worked only and exclusively on bringing Local view back. The final patch is working fine, with multi-object support even. Since the change touches many files I'm waiting for a final review pass before committing. Not implemented yet:

  • Hack to make sure lights are always on local view.
  • Rendered mode with external engines to respond to local view.

Note, while tackling local view I also fixed a few things for the per-viewport object type visibility. Their code is related, and for instance Cycles is also not respecting this setting.


November 12 - 16

I worked on viewport collection related tasks. We now indicate the active collection name in the viewport and status bar (in object mode). And have an initial popover menu for collection visibility.

This is intended to replace the old layers dots. I then designed with William Reynish a solution to handle per-viewport visibility T57857. This will be a quite radical change, but it solves a lot of the problems we have. Mainly it moves visibility from view layer into the viewport. And unify H, Alt + H, /.

  • RNA: LayerCollection.has_hidden_objects 98765e37009.
  • Viewport collections visibility: Viewport and Selection options f8964809b82.
  • Viewport collections visibility: Remove collection icon 0ff424b2992.
  • Explicitly disable separator spacer in popover and pie menus d9abb0eaae2.
  • Viewport collections visibility popover 098e807f9ef.
  • LayerCollection RNA API util functions b85886f8d52.
  • Hide collections menu: ignore excluded collections 570e37261da.
  • Fixup for view3d collection name drawing when no active object 79fa8f193b7.
  • Add active collection to viewport "name" stats 4a71102309c.
  • Add active collection to stats bar 51a14b64d86.
  • Util to get collection UI name 42fbb8af834.

November 5 - 9

Metaball is in a good state now. I got to tackle renaming related crashes, as well as a full refactor in the selection code for metaballs (box and selection pick are now fully working with multi-objects). Multi-object is feature complete enough now, and ready to Beta in my opinion.

  • Multi-Objects Metaball: Selection refactor - fix pick and box selection 221d0786412.
  • gpu.offscreen, fix pydoc, example and rename modelviewmatrix > viewmatrix 49a7bcafd9e.
  • Fix crash when renaming metaballs 6c10ec74d5e.
  • BKE_id_is_in_gobal_main > BKE_id_is_in_global_main 88d621a68f9.
  • Greasepencil: double promotion cleanup and related e49485a15cb.
  • GreasePencil: division by zero when stroke has one point 494ba42254b.
  • Multi-Objects: MBALL_OT_select_all 0a893c0901d.
  • : pep8 friendly c6c5635c.

October 29 - November 2

Another week on multi-objects, coming really close to calling it ready for the object types and modes we decided to support. I basically worked on the curve operators, and started on the metaballs.

Curves are only missing the select similar operator, for which we have a work in progress patch. I'm working with the patch author to get this done with. Meanwhile to give him more time to work on it, I started on the metaballs. There are really few operators there, I tackled the small ones, and missing are only the select all and similar. They may pick the interest of the forementioned developer, but if not I will tackle them next week.

That said meta-balls are in a really bad state. Besides drawing not updating when you add a new meta-ball, or transform the "child" ones, select pick is not working (nor changing active object), and crashes are easy to find.


October 22 - 26

I started the week porting rigify to 2.8. I wanted a break from multi-objects, and I was using it outside Blender. So I was in a good position to test it thoroughly.

Besides that, I got lattices fully ported to multi-objects. That include a few operators, but mostly addressing all sort of related bugs such as:

  • Crash when adding/removing lattice vertex groups;
  • Lattice drawing data only for active lattice;
  • Lasso wasn't working even for single object due to typo;
  • Selection pick multi-object support (while I was there I tackled this for curves as well).
  • Multi-Objects: Curve - select pick, linked and short path 6479e800bc2.
  • Cleanup: Remove silly redundant if check in ED_armature_edit_select_pick 7cbbc65faa6.
  • Fix T57367: Multi-Object-Mode: Edit Lattice selection only working for active object 254774a988c.
  • Fix lasso selection not working for lattices cd36d3f4d36.
  • Fix crash when switching to Scripting workspace 009bfbf408c.
  • Small cleanup: Remove unneeded/wrong check b6a795f2858.
  • Fix unreported: Crash when adding/removing lattice vertex group f1974bb3403 6d4e776711d..
  • Refactor cleanup: BKE_object_is_in_editmode 4af280ac90d.
  • Fix T57368: Multi-Object-Mode: Edit Lattice draws only active a2dc4d25329.
  • Multi-Objects: LATTICE_OT_make_regular 1cc7d71a0b2.
  • Multi-Objects: LATTICE_OT_flip 1076523b1b6 175326fed75.
  • Lattice UI: Add select more/less to menu 134db5618ae.
  • Multi-Objects: LATTICE_OT_select_more/less 9f1857002e2.
  • Multi-Objects: LATTICE_OT_select_ungrouped c052d38d0a5.
Addons commits
  • Rigify UI: Move operators to sidebar 2600e2f2.
  • Rigify: Fix collections/layers 7a3d1e3f.
  • Rigify: Fix remaining math update (*/@) ea1c1209.
  • Rigify: More updates for 2.8 API 81640764.
  • Rigify: UI fix left over from OT.type > OT.anim_type change and misc 0e0e8de0.
  • Rigify: Hack to make sure UI is always linked to the object cadeb999.
  • Rigify: Fixup from original 2.80 convertion 9940479d.
  • Rigify: Update for 2.8 API bfb29776.

October 15 - 19

Multi-objects: finished the armature pose operators o/. The pose slide ones were particularly tricky (breakdown, relax, push, propagate). They seem to be working fine, but again, it would benefit from animators testing.

Sorted fixes I ran into this week: multi-objects uv selection, missing curve stroke, missing ik lines drawing. Also, reported a few bugs (T57288, T57294, T57295, T57313).

  • Multi-Objects: pose slide operators 3c61efcf206.
  • Rename BakeAction > NLA_OT_bake 39ad5c3ef1e.
  • Remove defunct NLA_OT_bake f10bc11061c.
  • Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_select_grouped > POSE_SEL_SAME_KEYINGSET 3/3 caad2d7528b.
  • Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_select_grouped > POSE_SEL_SAME_LAYER 2/3 ed34e577962.
  • Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_select_grouped > POSE_SEL_SAME_GROUP 1/3 b8a792ddd26.
  • Cleanup: CTX_DATA_BEGIN_FOR_ID no longer needed 7cc799d03d7.
  • Multi-Objects: Implement/Fix POSE_OT_select_constraint_target 374a8b9da50.
  • UV_OT_unwrap: Error messages bdd02cc082e.
  • Fix multiple-object uv selection not "deselecting" other objects 15d5cd961c3.
  • CTX_DATA_BEGIN for active object only (..._from_active_object) d01e0d1ef1c.
  • Fix assert/crash when copying RGBA color into RGB ec305ea91fd.
  • Fix FBX exporter since recent material changes 449bf34ddbce
  • Use CTX_DATA_BEGIN_FOR_ID 098b86475d9.
  • Fix sculpt curve stroke paint ff9e0b67812.
  • Fix cmake not triggering rebuild on .glsl changes df816d534f1.
  • Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_ik_add + POSE_OT_constraint_add_with_targets 7baa8d2e8f0.
  • Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_constraints_copy (refactor) 418c16bd3b7.
  • Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_constraints_clear 647218af07d.
  • Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_ik_clear f3153f1c7f5.
  • Fix armature bones spline ik lines offset 540f37003c0.
  • Fix armature bones ik lines offset f280f83f835.
  • Fix cmake not triggering rebuild on .glsl changes 28a3958cb37.

October 8 - 12

Multi-objects: Finished the armature edit operators, started pose operators. I wish I had made more progress but I went a bit back and forth with some operators. Namely whether said operator should behave as multi-objects or only for the active object. That lead me to revisit some of the finished armature edit operators (and revert some). Also some operators - like POSE_OT_paths* - where suggested to be ported by BI Studio/Joshua (see T54650), so I did. However for me they shouldn't be multi-objects friendly, so I committed but reverted. This way we can quickly bring them back if we decide to have them. My take on this is that animators feedback will be required as soon as we call it done. I'm happy with my decisions but I may be making some wrong assumptions to their workflow. Also assorted fixes with texture painting (assert on palette, and missing brush update).

  • ED_pose_recalculate_paths: Run only for active object 605fbad872d.
  • Multi-Objects: POSELIB_OT_pose_add c462c43c1a0.
  • Revert "Multi-Object Pose: POSE_OT_select_parent by Harsha" cf74a6db7ef.
  • Pose path: skip time printing when not DEBUG_TIME e02f6ed13d4.
  • Revert "Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_paths_*" 478446e3a45.
  • Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_paths_* 3ffc2a8330f.
  • Revert "Fix for ARMATURE_OT_layers_show_all 75e1c705773.
  • Revert "Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_armature_layers 894c3b15320.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_armature_layers for pose 29a281f9ef5.
  • Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_bone_layers bb7f4f57144.
  • POSE_OT_rotation_mode_set: Adding missing notifier 299b51dc83a.
  • Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_rotation_mode_set 3b9b6a80ba6.
  • Rename: multi_changed > changed_multi dba7312f5ea.
  • Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_autoside_names c7bbcfe9544.
  • Revert "Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_select_hierarchy" 2677e992170.
  • Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_select_hierarchy (no real change) d95bb08f395.
  • Fix runtime error: shift of uint 1b1702abb0c.
  • Fix for VIEW3D_OT_snap_selected_to_active 8c470e26d25.
  • Fix for ARMATURE_OT_layers_show_all in pose mode 2a2858b30db.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_layers_show_all 7cf8eed5e02.
  • Dissolve/delete dont need confirmation when called from menu ba36e901701.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_reveal 396eba45335.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_hide 4c3578b6af5.
  • Removal of "extend" option for ARMATURE_OT_select_linked 10a87860548.
  • Cleanup 5cb633ce3f6.
  • Fix build error on windows/MSVC 18be4d942b3.
  • Fix for assert when sampling color to non-existent palette 9a670a67d25.
  • Fix tool panel not refreshing when updating color 14d0aa728a4.

October 1 - 5

Armature editing multi-object. Most of the listed operators are done, but I found out a few (9) that were not listed. Nothing special to report, but may as well: Some of the previous ported operators (ported for the copy-on-write task force) were wrong (using API that do not deal with unique data), some operators are used for both pose and edit armatures, so code is a bit different. As usual what took the longest was the select similar operator and its sub options.

  • Pseudo-fix for ARMATURE_OT_autoside_names and x-mirror bb0b4b008ed.
  • Fix for ARMATURE_OT_flip_names and x-mirror d5e72c0e96b.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_parent_clear c762074b7be.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_symmetrize 219a4987b9f.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_separate fa8e91f03c9.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_split 74e01d2235f.
  • ARMATURE_OT_fill: cleanup 28d617199dc.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_merge d67972a9e17.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_autoside_names 8882b3d7b67.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_duplicate 0b8e92783e9.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_click_extrude 6723e173a52.
  • Fixes for ARMATURE_OT_extrude / ARMATURE_OT_extrude_move 1d6817d5801.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_extrude / ARMATURE_OT_extrude_move 234d609f942.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_calculate_roll 13dfb911497.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_roll_clear def3b8c68c0.
  • Special enum item when no sound is found 149e912b1fa.
  • Multi-Objects: TRANSFORM_OT_vertex_random 00c0e552276.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar armature: SIMEDBONE_LAYER 1fd8e183d01.
  • Multi-Objecs: Select similar armature: SIMEDBONE_PREFIX and SIMEDBONE_SUFFIX ecce4f49bb1.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar armature: SIMEDBONE_DIRECTION 6b3ff1ec75a.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar armature: SIMEDBONE_LENGTH e39d17096f8.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar armature initial commit 821379e58d9.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_select_hierarchy dcc623e7e7e.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_select_less and ARMATURE_OT_select_more 27f2108e8a1.
  • Fix for POSE_OT_select_mirror 2a7ccf6e88d.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_select_mirror 8b2bcce3d21.
  • Fix mixed drawing face and edge checks in draw manager 3fe56ee8e77.

September 24 - 28

More multi-objects as well as sorted fixes. I'm done with Mesh and UV operators, and organized low priority todos in T56948. I then started tackling armature edit operators.

Note, finishing the mesh operators included select similar (which was misreported on Monday meeting as done), as well as a neglected operator (i.e., sort verts). Select similar region is still undone, and I gave it another go (see D3672 for details) but I would rather Campbell could step in and help here.

Sorted bug fixes included missing operators in menus, UI, outliner selection restriction bug, errors in console, and fix for clone painting.

  • Fix object restrict selection toggle in outliner not working cdb772490ae.
  • Fix build on windows after ccg changes 19bdb844660.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar edge SIMEDGE_CREASE and SIMEDGE_CREASE 75eb947275c.
  • Code style cleanup after recent object drawing > viewport changes 9dbf71adb81.
  • Remove warnings 5a6b46f0ca2.
  • Fix memleak on edbm_select_linked_pick_invoke ebe955b1c8c.
  • Cleanup comments on select similar edge b75648694c5.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar face SIMFACE_SIDES 8990ad1b9c3.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar face SIMFACE_MATERIAL 3618646e71b.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar face SIMFACE_AREA and SIMFACE_PERIMETER c32b63f8fd6.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar face SIMFACE_NORMAL f59b968cef8.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar face SIMFACE_SMOOTH 424bb2ebdc6.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar face SIMFACE_FREESTYLE c9d0873e90a.
  • Remove wrongly copy/pasted comment on object_facemap_ops.c 235c51f11a1.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar face SIMFACE_FACEMAP c419cb7305f.
  • Multi-Objects: Selects similar face SIMFACE_COPLANAR c29d18c4c85.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar vertex: SIMVERT_VGROUP 75b2091d425.
  • Cleanup: Remove bmo_similar.c and small renaming 0f03750f4fb.
  • Fix wireframe threshold not active on wireframe mode 8a06249058e.
  • Multi-Objects: MESH_OT_sort_elements ffb424c85f8.
  • Fix errors for show_occlude_wire not in view3d.overlay 62aee662ae0.
  • Multi-Objects: Fix edit mesh texts drawing in the wrong place c87d6048b9a.
  • Fix painting clone ui/rna not working fc96283c1c6.
  • RNA: Cleanup - remove no longer needed get/set functions f4fe3f19755.
  • Multiple-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_flip_names 47cf8bd9284.
  • Multiple-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_dissolve bfb0ebc3d14.
  • Expose armature.dissolve to the menu 1eb26680d4b.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_armature_layers 3a8b56ce24c.
  • Multi-Objects: ARMATURE_OT_switch_direction 0f9b7560db3.
  • Use orientation_helper decorator 345d7ace8756.

September 17 - 21

(worked 1 1/2 days)

More work on multi-objects. Mainly working in the select similar operator. Missing select similar vertex groups; edge crease and bevel; and all the face ones. The ones tackled were: Vertex Normal, face count, edge count; Edge length, direction, face count, face angle, seam, sharp and freestyle. I also crossed off UV operators from the list. I consider they fully working. Only minor bother is the UV straighten that should be more "multi-objectic" in my opinion.

  • UV_OT_align: Cleanup (use enum instead of chars for modes enum 8fc6609cc00.
  • Move select similar to its own file a1acff5459f.
  • Multi-Objects: Initial select similar support c0fb90ff9a9.
  • Addon Utils: Green light the uv layout addon 828627a796a.
  • Fix build for MSVC: Remove trailing double semicolon cffae363813.
  • Select similar edge: Granular error message 850fda23587.
  • Multi-objects: Select similar edge SIMEDGE_FACE acc6c50d8ac.
  • Multi-objects: Select similar edge SIMEDGE_DIR b38be905154.
  • Multi-objects: Select similar edge SIMEDGE_LENGTH 3e46bea46b6.
  • Rename bm_sel_similar_cmp_short > select_similar_compare_LONG 35f659aeb41.
  • Multi-objects: Select similar edge SIMEDGE_FACE_ANGLE e406a9f3056.
  • MESH_OT_select_similar: Cleanup 438e09dbbe6.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar edge SIMEDGE_SEAM/SIMEDGE_SHARP e8ec01dbb5d.
  • Select Similar: Skip hidden elements c2582bfc63e.
  • Select Similar: Cleanup eeeb469db29.
  • Multi-Objects: Select similar edge SIMEDGE_FREESTYLE 09616c3f2fe.
  • Select Similar: Cleanup - WITH_FREESYTLE 502dbcf4041.
Other commits (done outside BI work)
  • Typo on pydoc for uniform_int e316e41f847.
  • GPU Python API: shader.uniform_float 425cfdd5be1.
  • Preserve the actively bound framebuffer after using gpu.offscreen fb88088203e.
  • Updated example file fbc837b2f8e.
  • Fixup for example a3020d55583.

September 3 - 7

(worked 3 days)

More work on multi-objects. We are finally under the 100 mark. Kudos to Alan Troth, I used a lot of his UV's patches with minor changes. Small status report on the missing operators for UV and Mesh:

  • MESH_OT_sort_elements: There are two incomplete patches for this (D3330, D3379), I will need to tackle it myself.
  • UV_OT_stitch: Waiting for bugfix on contributor's patch, see D3645.
  • MESH_OT_select_similar_region: Need to fixing a crash on own patch, see D3672.
  • MESH_OT_select_similar: Did a first pass, and agreed with Campbell about next step, see D3674.
  • MESH_OT_knife_project + MESH_OT_knife_tool: Need too big of a refactor. Postponed, see D3637

August 27 - 31

(worked 1 1/2 days) Fixed some font related issues (text box not drawing, and font selection not updating), and then multi-objects. There are very few left (of the mesh ones), the work this week included reviewing and committing with minor changes patches (some from May, some from this week - people got wind that we are tackling multi-objects again).

  • Fix space text script - keyboard for labels 2e9a0e12546.
  • Silence Grease Pencil warning 7874f5e5a1e.
  • Fix Font object: text selection and cursor not updating 7527f2317a0.
  • Cleanup: GPU_BATCH_DISCARD_ARRAY_SAFE (deduplicate existing code) f436e0acab6.
  • Fix Text Boxes not drawing 6c87958dac1.
  • Multi-Objects: VIEW3D_OT_snap_selected_to_cursor by Habib Gahbiche ec3357e03ab.
  • Cleanup: edbm_do_smooth_laplacian_vertex_exec fede95aa687.
  • MESH_OT_shape_propagate_to_all: Add error when no selected vertex f3a1ca1872c.
  • MESH_OT_blend_from_shape: Add error when no selected vertex 53ae9b10342.
  • MESH_OT_symmetrize: Cleanup, get op->ptr props outside objects loop b0c146a9eba.
  • Fix memleak on snap_curs_to_sel_ex 0610c09f8c0.
  • Fixup for multi-objects snap functions 3065dc435ca.
  • Fixup for MESH_OT_vertices_smooth_laplacian 41759e74de0.
  • Follow up to MESH_OT_offset_edge_loops f6b902a9caf.
  • Fix MESH_OT_loop_select: Deselect object objects a5f950ed381.

August 20 - 24

(worked 3 1/2 days) Motion tracking wrap up - brought back constraints lines drawing, worked with Sebastian on the missing operator to be ported (Setup Scene Tracking). Multi-Objects work. There were a few of the simple cases (colors reverse, loop select), but every one of the non-corner case ones needs its own share of attention: Bisect, shortest path, select axis, dupli extrude cursor.

Fixed a bug to kill some time while waiting on patch review. And spent time on the knife operator, but it turned to be too complex and Campbell agree on us leaving it aside for now. More details on D3637.

August 13 - 17

(worked 3 days) Motion Tracking reconstruction drawing, scripts.

  • Depsgraph: Build node and relations for movieclip ID for its nodes cead9abe074.
  • Sync rna_access rna property update cow check with depsgraph cc9255f8a8f.
  • Fix gpu building after cleanup 6ca48a523a7.
  • Fix viewport background video/clip not updating on playback 37f6a26e742.
  • EEVEE: Volumes - get current frame from depsgraph b2966b70fe9.
  • Motion Tracking Reconstruction Viewport Drawing (T51544) 7907dfc4001.
  • Fix viewport selection of markers not updating in all editors 5d15e68743f.
  • Skip bundle names when drawing selection pass ad7cb024048.
  • Clip Reconstruction: Cleanup - use const for selection synchronize 5a89dfe06ba.
  • Fix build after GreasePencil commit ea43e4a060d.
  • Camera Reconstruction: Draw solid spheres 248c049b70b.
  • Camera Reconstruction: Camera Path 461b3c817e9.
  • Camera Reconstruction: Fix sorted scripts d3160f350de.
  • Camera Background: don't show "Not Set" when using Camera Clip a495df6b3b0.
  • Object constraint lines viewport drawing bfdaa9a9798.
  • Fix relationship lines selectable 53dfb4895cc.

August 6 - 10

Didn't work.

July 13 - August 3

Didn't work.