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Personal Info

Name: Inês Almeida
irc: brita_
b-Network: ines-almeida
Twitter: @brita_pt

About me

Software Engineer and Technical Artist, currently employed full time at Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam as a Tools Programmer.

Since 2013 I have been developing for Blender, on and off, in projects such as the UI Previews, BGE, add-ons and the Blender Cloud.

I have been using Blender as a hobby since 2011.

Misc Configurations and Tips

These are some of my configurations and settings for building/using blender that may be useful.

grep -rnI . --exclude-dir=".git" --exclude-dir="doc" --exclude={*.pyc,*.po,*.pot} -e "search this"
  • Generating the python API documentation for the bge submodules only:
blender -b -noaudio --factory-startup -P doc/python_api/ -- -f -B --partial bge.*
  • Generating the doxygen docs:
make doc_doxy

Proposals / Projects

Google Summer of Code 2014

BGE - Cleanup & Support

Google Summer of Code 2013

BGE Improved Debugging and Profiling