Weekly reports for year 2022

Week 24


  • Surprise! Monkeybutler for the week!
  • Clarkson-mirror issue: fixed
  • Debugging T97663; Python changelog not updated; work with Bastien on deploying fix
  • Debugging issue with windows-builder. Running out or resources
  • Explorations in Phabricator export-logic using Conduit + local PHP

Week 23

  • Blender 3.20 release
  • CI-CD ideas-exchange
  • Finalizing MacOs buildbot addition
  • Assembled 'Phi' hardware cluster
  • Msix release debug

Week 22

  • Buildbot expansion with 2x MacM1 hardware
  • Buildbot debugging of SNAP-store issue
  • 'Xeon Phi' machine evaluation; hardware order
  • Studio-expansion: assessment of work/resources needed

Week 015-016

  • Overhauled serverroom; discontinued boilerrrom
  • Gitea PoC setup; ci-cluster -> Mobile cluster
  • initual oAuth integration testing
  • Created specialized blender-id oAuth module for Gitea
  • Further integration testing

Week 014

Week 013

  • Fix issues with macos-buildbot-worker provisioning
  • Documenting macos-buildbot-worker provisioning
  • Finished tlab-mpm-macos-monterey-arm64-01 in UATEST
  • Zpool work on Threadripper

Week 012

  • Wifi debug issue (ipv6 enabled at the studio)
  • Cleanup of older hardware
  • Debug issue related to
  • First stages of provisioning Imacs
  • Fix issues regarding release-delivery (ACL)
  • 3.1.1 release (wednesday)
  • 3.1.2 release (friday)
  • Wifi access-point module replacement

Week 011

  • Threadripper machine
    • Install of SSD, fixing ZFS setup
  • Unboxed/preparing 2 Mac Mini's for buildbot
  • python-doc-api naming issue: fixed
  • Wiki-server resource-issue debug; mitigated
  • Re-doing part of manual-build delivery toolchain to prevent too many changed files. (done)
  • small studio-support tasks (done)
  • oss-attribution-tool doc-changes (in progress)
  • Internet outage morning of 24th of March
  • Buildbot hanging workers (because of internet outage)
  • Buildbot outage (due to full disk: No logrotate on logs)

Week 010

  • Finished up fixing buildbot code-sign issue; now in production
  • Finished up packaging oss-attribution-builder: now hosted on our own GIT
  • Sent out invitation for participation via Blender YT channel
  • Talked with wayland developer about possibility of doing wayland-support for blender

  • added a user to buildbot
  • Upgrade of ProxMox babysitting (20:00 on Thursday)
  • Unboxing of several new Apple deliveries

Week 009

Oss-attribution-tool fixed and added basic backup-scripts

  • Code-sign issue; fix identified
  • Koro: analyzing reason for slowdowns (database/cache)
  • A good number of firewall-debugging (pfsense related) Likely fixed Telegram now
  • Oss-attribution-builder work: got it to build and made initial fork