21 June

14 June

Reviewed D11613: Fix for T89129: Blender file dialog displays in-progress Safari downloads as a folder.

7 June

Committed rB91d3a5486967: Fix build error, remove duplicate include.

Created some meta lists for issues like mac + AMD crashes, pulseaudio issues on linux etc. Will share with triaging team soon.

31 May

  • Reviewed D11466: Fix for T87867: The Blender File Open dialog triggers OneDrive Files On-Demand downloads (macOS)..

24 May

17 May

10 May

Tried to fix 1. deprecation warnings in glog and 2. size of struct is different in C-C++ in bf_editor_space_node.

3 May

Spent some time on getting reliable steps for T88063 (gpu_pass_free assert failed) bug.

Also checked on how to fix the remaining deprecation warnings.

Exams are over now.

D11207: Cycles: fix inconsistent-missing-override warning.

26 April

rB8c73f44a019c: Fix build error: use of unintialized variable (authored by Wannes Malfait (Wannes)).

  • Created D11144: System info: add OS version to
  • Created D11135: macOS: add notes about location of .crash files.

19 April

Slow week this one, was travelling back to home.

  • Committed rBaa95f8019e42: D11012: macOS: Fix unknown -Wsuggest-override warning
  • Review D9827: macOS: Implement adding files to the system's recent files.
  • Check correctness of D11079: deps_builder: add support for building zstd

12 April

Checked with multiple Xcode versions and abandoned D10842: macOS/CMake: invoke tools via xcrun.

5 April

Fell sick on Thursday. Recovered now, so will catch up this week.



  • D10846: Compositor: Enable suggest-override warning..

29 March

Some items from 26 - 28 March included too.


Worked on Diffs:

  • D10719: guardedalloc_test: Do overflow tests without allocation.
  • D10815: CMake: Fix GLUT error on non-Windows platforms..
  • D10838: WIP attempt to set CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT before project call.
  • D10842: macOS/CMake: invoke tools via xcrun.
  • D10877: macOS/bpy: Fix error in builds with Address Sanitizer.