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Feature ToDo

Ideas for features to add.

Bigger Features

See the Roadmap.

Smaller Features

  • Gabor noise node
    • Can generate many interesting patterns, might need good UI for parameters
  • OpenColorIO integration
  • Add back worley weights to voronoi node.
  • Access to object color and other object properties from nodes (support RNA paths?).
  • Option to include environment lighting in shadow pass.
  • UV project modifier special mapping for UV maps to avoid distortion.
  • Vertex color RGB+Alpha support (for dynamic paint, see T36832)
  • Support video texture auto-refresh for viewport's Texture and Material shadings, see T40295
  • Motion blur doesn't work together with autosplit T42315
  • Hair does not get proper color when emitted from vertices T42706
  • Using Triangles for Hair loosing intercept information T43625
  • Depth pass could be improved for volume/smoke T43836
  • Handling multiple image datablocks pointing to the same image on the disk T45124
  • Look into improved UV projection from view support T46014
  • Make Hair settings per particle system instead of per scene.
  • Voronoi texture is biased towards coordinates T50658
  • Clipping doesn't work in GLSL viewport T53468


  • Node link menu in properties editor has become too big, needs to get submenus
  • Properties editor UI should be improved, perhaps:
    • Add outliner like alternating lines
    • Some better indication of hierarchy that doesn't take up much horizontal space
  • Better auto position when adding nodes (with multiple inputs nodes overlap)
  • Auto sync BSDF color and viewport color
    • Needs some algorithm to deal with mix shader hierarchies, to find the good diffuse node
  • Decouple lamp size for hemi/sun lamp and point/spot/area, the units for the former are wrong
  • Show watts, watts/m^2 units in the UI
  • Hide color component for node sockets in the UI


  • Enable selective features compilation for CUDA and shader/baking kernels of OpenCL.


  • Pause rendering when 3d view gets hidden
  • Progressive Animation Rendering (details)
  • Render pause button
  • Keep scene in memory and sync between F12 render (avoid image/mesh/.. reloading)
  • Allow user-defined attribute requests associated with OSL code (T39415)
  • Better support of ray visibility of volumes (T48512)