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Source Code Layout

The source code is organized into folders as follows:

app/ Standalone session and network rendering server applications.
blender/ Python module and C++ extension to integrate with Blender.
blender/addon Python scripts for the Blender addon.
cmake/ Build and release files.
bvh/ Bounding volume hierarchy constructions for raytracing.
device/ Device abstraction for CPU, CUDA, OpenCL and network.
doc/license/ Licenses.
graph/ Generic scene node graph.
kernel/ Rendering kernel.
kernel/closures/ BSDF closures used by svm and osl shader backend.
kernel/svm/ Shader virtual machine to execute shader graphs on the CPU and GPU.
kernel/osl/ OSL render services and shading engine, only runs on the CPU.
kernel/shaders/ OSL shaders used in the shader graph.
render/ Main render engine data structures and control flow.
subd/ Tesselation and subdivision surfaces.
test/ Unit tests.
util/ Utility code.