Reference/Release Notes/Writing Style

Writing Style


  • Add link to the git commit at the end of each feature:
    Replace <commit-hash> with the hash of the commit, e.g. d0fabb318eff.

    Not every commit relating to the feature needs to be listed. The main commits introducing it are sufficient.
  • If possible, link to the manual entry where to read more about the feature.


  • Do not use abbreviations for features, editors, properties, etc.
 Example: Use "Grease Pencil" instead of "gpencil"

Images and Videos

  • Use the default theme
  • Keep videos short
  • Do not use the Blender logo for demonstrations
  • Do not write text nor add arrows to the screencaptures, explain in the caption
  • Remove unnecessary clutter
    • Capture only the relevant editor(s)
    • Hide irrelevant sidebars or panels