Reference/Release Notes/4.0/User Interface

User Interface

Files & Assets

  • "Save Incremental" saves the current .blend file with a numerically-incremented name. (a58e5ccdec).
  • Windows: Updated Registration and blend file Association (9cf77efaa0).
    • Can now be done for all users or just current user
    • Can now unregister and unassociate.
    • Pinning a running Blender to the taskbar will now properly pin the launcher
    • Allows side-by-side installations
    • Per-version recent file lists
    • Multiple Blender versions on the "Open With" list
  • File and Asset Browser show a wait icon while previews are loading (4a3b6bfeac)
  • File Browser Volume and System item tooltips no longer mention "renaming". (dad9e8e621).
  • Image previews in File Browser now have checkerboard background if transparent. (e9e12015ea).
Transparent Thumbnail.png
  • File Browser now shows thumbnail previews for SVG images. (565436bf5f).
  • File Browser side bar now showing Bookmarks, System, Volumes, Recent. (9659b2deda).
  • Thumbnail views now allow any preview size from 16-256. (fa32379def).


  • Tool settings headers in the 3D View and Image Editor draw with a fully transparent background (with the region overlap preference enabled) and the theme's region background behind clusters of buttons (55eaa755e3, ff78d33bb4).
Release notes 4.0 transparent tool settings.png
  • All rotational inputs now shown with maximum precision (b34ece48f8).
  • UI showing multiplication symbol instead of letter "x" where appropriate (9b4749e7c7).
  • Tree-view UIs draw hierarchy lines to visually communicate the nesting levels better (71273df2d5).
    Release notes 4.0 tree view hierarchy lines.png
  • Sidebar scrollbar can no longer overlap category tabs when zooming (080a00bda2).
  • Resizing the toolbar no longer breaks snapping when dragged beyond the maximum available size (248b322896).
  • New modal keymap to change jump height during walk navigation (f418e4f648).
  • Windows & X11 Only: Color Picker can now pick outside of Blender windows. (5741a5d433, e5a0d11c4e)
  • Windows Only: Explorer "Quick Access" items added to File Browser System List (f1e7fe5492).
  • The Color Picker has increased size (0c7496f74d).
  • Outliner Drag & Drop now works between multiple windows (d102536b1a).
  • Outliner "Select Hierarchy" now works with multiple selected objects (594dceda7f).
  • Scrollbars are no longer influenced outside of their region (4f6785774a).
  • Ability to see per-item, and per-selection, statistics counts while in Object mode (6e20beba22).
  • The Catalan language is now one of our six translations with complete coverage.
  • Tweaks to the Object Types visibility popover (7405993cb7).
  • Status text for modal operators now shown in the Tool Settings bar if visible (ca00c9aa3e).
  • Consistent top-down content ordering. Menus no longer reverse order if opening upward (b122faf705).
  • Many lists now highlight the currently-selected item. (9f4b28bba8).
  • Some small changes to the Edit and File menus. (347e4692de).
  • Improvements to color ramp drawing. (8a3766e241).
  • "New Window" now works while having an area maximized. (bb31df1054).
  • Ability to search within some menus. (7f9d51853c).
  • Numpad Return key can add new line while editing Text Objects. (ff6b25a200).
  • List items that are not multiple select are now shown as radio buttons. (6dd3c90185).
  • Viewport Object/Mode overlays split into separate popovers. (4fa4f5432d).
  • Window title improved order and now includes Blender version. (636f3697ee).
  • Text output now more pleasing and typographically correct. (a0b4ead737).
  • Default UI font changed to "Inter" by Rasmus Andersson. (f58f6d0338).


The snapping menu has been reworked (8e059b569b).

    • Snap With was moved to the beginning of the popover
    • Align Rotation to Target and Backface Culling were moved closer to the snap targets
    • Snap With, Target Selection and Align Rotation to Target are no longer hidden by varying the mode and options
    • Project Individual Elements has been replaced with the Face Project option
    • Face Nearest has been moved to stick together with the Face Project option
Snapping Menu.gif


  • The "Add Modifier" menu has been changed to a standard menu and is extended with geometry nodes (Read more).
  • A new "Shift A" shortcut opens the "Add Modifier" menu in the property editor (ef03121e52).


  • Node preview images have been moved to an overlay displayed above the node. The overlays menu has an option to show and hide all previews (PR #108001).
Blender4.0 node previews.png
  • In Preferences → Editing, a new panel was added to group all Node Editor specific settings (eb57163f).
  • Improvements to Node links to help readability at different zooms and monitor DPI (899d723da8).
  • Node snapping grid no longer changes size with changes to line width (04285c2d0e).


  • The 3D Viewport background is now set to single-color in the default theme, since the vignette effect can lead to glitches in certain hardware according to community feedback (eef2b61e9)
  • Allow transparency when editing text in widgets 2ec2e52a90
  • View3D Header can now be made transparent (along with tool header) with theme color alpha change (d308f35896).
  • UI element outlines have changeable opacity, allowing for flat or minimalistic themes (c033e434c5).
  • Top Bar and Status Bar colors now exactly match their theme colors (d86d2a41e0).


  • The Options panel accessed in Object mode and Mesh Edit mode has been reorganized (560e9c654b).
  • Preferences: Small layout and style tweaks (d0aa521ea8)
  • Text object selection can now start outside of the text block. Improved selection with text boxes and when on curves (5b3ce7b740).
  • Progress indicators now exposed to Python, including new ring version (c6adafd8ef).