Reference/Release Notes/4.0/Geometry Nodes

Geometry Nodes

Node-Based Tools

Node tools are an accessible way to expand Blender and customize tools without requiring Python.

Edge to mesh node tools demo by Tim Greenberg (passivestar).
  • Geometry node node groups can now be used as operators from the 3D view menus.
  • Specific nodes are available for controlling tool-specific data:
    • Edit mode selection is accessible with the Selection and controllable with the Set Selection node.
    • Sculpt face sets are accessible as well with the Face Set and Set Face Set nodes.
    • The 3D Cursor node gives access to the 3D cursor location and rotation.
  • Documentation is available in the user manual.
  • See the overview task for more information.
  • Read the announcement blog post.
  • Watch the live demo video.


Modeling geometry-nodes repeat zone.png
  • The mesh sharp edge status is accessible in builtin nodes. (4e97def8a3)
A new node and a modification to the "Set Shade Smooth" node to control the sharpness of mesh edges.
  • The Mesh to Volume node now generates a proper fog volume rather than a converted SDF. (700d168a5c)
    • The "Exterior Band Width" and "Fill Interior" options have been removed.
  • The Points to Curves node groups point cloud points into curves and sorts each curve's points based on a weight. (48b08199d5)
  • A new debug utility helps to check procedural systems for bad index dependence. (cc7da09c1b)
  • Rotation sockets and eight new rotation nodes are available for simpler processing. See Manual. (34e4bedcd8).
    • Axis Angle to Rotation
    • Rotation to Axis Angle
    • Quaternion to Rotation
    • Rotation to Quaternion
    • Euler to Rotation
    • Rotation to Euler
    • Rotate Vector
    • Invert Rotation
  • Simulation zones can now be baked individually. (ad169ba67a)
  • The Simulation Output node has a new Skip input. (dd515ebc1d)


  • The "Add Modifier" menu has been changed to a standard menu and is extended with custom modifiers from geometry node group assets. (6da4b87661)
    • When geometry node groups are marked as assets and the "Is Modifier" property is enabled, the asset catalog path is used to dynamically create the modifier menu.
    • Assets unassigned to any node group are displayed in a separate "Unassigned" category. (d2d4de8c71)
  • Two new options help to clean up the modifier interface
    • The node group selector can be disabled, which happens by default for node group asset modifiers. (0783debda8)
    • Inputs can be forced to be single values to remove the attribute toggle. (6875925efa)
      • This also removes the attribute toggle in the node tool redo panel.


  • The Curve to Mesh node is significantly faster when the profile input is a single point.
    • When the input point is at the origin, tangent, normal, and radii calculations are skipped, giving a 2x improvement. (6e9f54cbda)
    • Handling with many point-domain attributes is improved, with an observed 4x improvement. (48fad9cd0c)
    • Further improvements avoiding copying attributes entirely are possible when all curves are poly curves. (bef20cd3f1)