Reference/Release Notes/4.0/Modeling



  • It is now possible to navigate while transform (Move, Rotate, Scale, Edge Slide, Vert Slide, and Shrink/Fatten), by default you have to hold Alt and navigate. (33c13ae6e3, 017d4912b2).
  • Transform operations now have a new feature to edit the 'Snap Base' (3010f1233b).
  • Bones now support snapping with "Align Rotation to Target" (dea93845af and 4d1593c4ad)
  • New snap symbols (9c2e768f5b)
Snap symbols (9c2e768f5b)

UV Editing

Shape Keys

  • The Blend From Shape and Propagate To Shapes operators now respect X symmetry (0bd95dd963, 4d0dbab5b1)