Reference/Release Notes/3.5/Sculpt

Sculpt, Paint, Texture

Shortcut Changes

  • Shift R & Shift D shortcuts to define density in sculpt modes have been remapped to R (rB3e903909)

This prevents shortcut conflicts with Redo. This change affects the voxel remesher, dynamic topology and the hair density brush.

User Manual

  • The user manual got a major rewrite of many pages. (rBM9824)
  • Individual tool pages were rewritten and restructured. (rBM9839)
  • Additions and rewrites for Editing pages (rBM9885)

This adds:

  • A multi-page Introduction section to sculpting
  • User oriented sorting and more visual examples
  • Fixing various out of date, missing or false information
  • A new page for Expand to explain many use cases
Sculpt user manual intro.png