Reference/Release Notes/3.5/Add-ons



  • Ported the ability to generate Action Constraint layers from Cloud Rig (D16336, rBAdddf346).


  • UI Refactor: New Mode selector and settings for more discoverability of the add-on two main modes (Switch and New Window).
  • In Switch Mode the audio file in the video sequencer is copied temporarily to the source scene allowing to keep audio in sync. This can be disabled in the Storypencil settings panel.
  • IN/OUT strip range markers ar now showed in Switch Mode.
  • TAB key can be used now to edit the strip scene under the timeline cursor.
  • Bugs Fixed. (rBA6fcd157)

Storypencil panel.png

Sun Position

  • Add Show Surface and Show Analemmas options. These are useful to visualize the trajectory of the Sun in the sky during the year, for each hour of the day. (rBA29a6735)

Contrib repository

  • Contrib add-ons are now already excluded in beta, to better communicate that releases aren't shipping with them. Also improve the UI to only show the relevant categories for releases. (rBe8c78666)