Reference/Release Notes/3.3/VFX

VFX & Video


Implemented "Image from Plane Marker" operator which creates or updates image data-block from pixels which the plane marker "sees" (e4bf58e2852).

This allows creating unwarped texture from a billboard from footage. The intent is to allow this image to be touched up and re-projected back to the footage with an updated content.

Implemented motion tracking data pre-fill for compositor nodes (da852457040, c76e1ecac6d)

Clip Editor

Mask Editor


  • Add filter method to strip transform (1c5f2e49b7bf)
  • Now change menu (C key) supports change scene. (205c6d8d0853)
  • Add Scene and Strip at the same time in one action. (be84fe4ce1d8)
  • Delete Strip and Scene in one step. (8c4bd02b067a)
  • Added new retiming system. Sped up strips can be edited as normal strips. Also movie playback speed is adjusted to match scene framerate. (302b04a5a3fc)
  • Add API function to select displayed meta strip. (6b35d9e6fbef)