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Pipeline, Assets & I/O




  • Importer and exporter support .obj vertex colors now (rB1b4f35f6a588). Importer can import both "xyzrgb" and "#MRGB" vertex color formats; exporter optionally writes "xyzrgb" format.
  • The Python based OBJ importer/exporter is marked as "legacy" in the menu item now; the new C++ based one got "experimental" label removed. Addons using bpy.ops.import_scene.obj and bpy.ops.export_scene.obj APIs are strongly encouraged to switch to bpy.ops.wm.obj_import and bpy.ops.wm.obj_export.


  • New experimental STL (.stl) importer (rB7c511f1b47d8). The new importer is written in C++ and is about 8 times faster than the Python importer.


glTF 2.0

glTF I/O is an python addon, change logs can be retrieved on Addon page