Reference/Release Notes/3.2/Sculpt

Sculpt, Paint, Texture

Color Attributes

  • Vertex colors have been refactored into generic color attributes (rBeae36be3).
Color Attributes in UI
  • Color attributes support both 8-bit byte and 32-bit floating point colors and can be stored in Vertex or Face Corner domains. The default is using Vertex -> Color setting, to reduce file sizes, RAM usage and improve color quality.
Creating a new Color Attribute

Painting in Sculpt Mode

  • Color attributes can be painted inside vertex paint mode or in sculpt mode using the new sculpt paint tools (rBeae36be3).
    • Painting tools in Sculpt mode have advantages like masking options, face sets/masks support and faster performance. They will serve as a base for future painting improvements and modes.
    • Vertex paint mode has been ported to support painting color attributes. (rB575ade22).
  • Using painting tools in solid view switches viewport shading color to “Attribute” (rB90042b7d).
    • This ensures that the color attributes are visible when painting, without making the visualisation mandatory in sculpt mode.
  • Paint Brush - default brush for painting color attributes.
    • Holding Shift key switches Paint brush to Blur.
    • Can modulate wet paint effect for color smudging.
    • Includes extra sliders to control the tip roundness and width
    • Flow and Density also control how much color is applied during the stroke
Showcase of different brush presets from the demo file

  • Smear Brush - brush for smearing color attributes
    • Has various deformation modes.

  • Color Filter - tool for modifying existing colors. Filter operations include:
    • Fill
    • Hue
    • Saturation
    • Value
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Smooth
    • Red
    • Green
    • Blue

  • Mask By Color - tool for creating masks from the active color attribute

Voxel Remesher

  • Edit Voxel Size operator now displays units properly (b226236b01).
  • Voxel Remesh default settings have been changed (d1418dd151).
    • Voxel Remesher supports color attributes.
    • Color attributes, face sets and masks are now being preserved.
    • 'Fix poles' is for now disabled to drastically increase remeshing speed.