Reference/Release Notes/3.0/Pipeline Assets IO

Blender 3.0: Pipeline, Assets & IO

Asset Browser

  • The Asset Browser now supports rendering previews for Action datablocks (rB17534e28). It uses the scene camera and renders the current frame with Solid shading (i.e. the Workbench engine). It assumes the scene is already set up properly for preview rendering, i.e. it does not apply the Action itself to whatever is rendered. To configure the look of the preview, set the scene render engine to Workbench in the properties panel, and configure the shading options there.
  • "Frame Selected" operator to scroll to the selected files or assets (Template:5a67407d5aa880). This has shortcut Numpad . in Blender's default keymap, and F in the Industry Compatible keymap.


  • Packing linked libraries is now accessible via the File menu (rBee51e733).
  • Cleanup of the other External Data options (rBee51e733).

External Data Packed.png


  • Animated UV maps are now exported to Alembic (rB3e77f747).
  • Generated mesh vertex coordinates (also known as ORCOs) are now exported to and imported from Alembic (rBf9567f6c). They're stored in .arbGeomParams/Pref in the Alembic file.
  • Per vertex UV maps are now imported from Alembic (3385c04598). Such UV maps can be defined by other software to reduce file size when the mesh is split according to UV islands. Blender, however, still stores the UV data per face corner.