Reference/Release Notes/3.0/Nodes Physics

Geometry Nodes


  • The Raycast node projects lines to a mesh, returning information about the hit location to attributes (4b673ebb99).
  • The Delete Geometry node removes parts of geometry, depending on the domain of the selection attribute (464797078d, e5a1cadb2f)
  • The Switch node can select between two inputs of any type (799f532f46, 653bbaa246).
  • The Convex Hull node outputs a convex mesh containing all of the input points (df2a19eac7).
  • The Separate Components node splits a geometry set into an output for each data type (ed4b2ba75a).
  • The RGB Curves and Vector Curves nodes from shader nodes are supported in geometry node trees (8cd506639a).


  • Geometry nodes has a new, faster evaluation system (b084b57fbf).
    • Multiple branches of the node tree are now executed in parallel where possible.
    • Lazy evaluation is supported, so in nodes that support it, only the inputs and outputs that are required are computed.
      • For example, the Point Separate node is now 2x faster if only one output is used and the Switch node only computes the input that is passed through.
  • Many attribute nodes are now parallelized, increasing performance significantly especially in "linear" node trees when many threads are available (1d7ee50fef).
  • The Point Instance node now executes faster, especially when multiple threads are available (518c5ce4cd).
  • Transforming meshes with the Transform node is now much faster in some situations (17b09b509c).

Attribute Nodes

  • A new Attribute Transfer node can copy attribute values between geometries with various methods (a022cffb72).
  • New Attribute Curve Map node (ba06bc16ae).
  • The Attribute Vector Rotate node can rotate any vector attribute around a center point (93933ee8bb).
  • The Attribute Sample Texture node now has a texture input socket instead of a property on the node (2871fadcad).
  • The Attribute Convert node now has an "Auto" data type option (95d2d0d35a).

Curve Nodes

Curve data is now supported in the node tree (8216b759e9, 7c1bb239be).

  • The Curve to Mesh node extrudes a profile curve along another curve (8216b759e9).
  • The Curve to Points node creates a point cloud with data necessary for instancing along the curve (fcbb20286a).
  • The Curve Resample node distributes evenly spaced segments along a curve (3185084efb).
  • The Curve Subdivide node adds new control points between existing control points (ed4222258e).
  • The Mesh to Curve node creates curve poly splines from mesh edges (11e32332dd).
  • The Curve Length node outputs the total length of all splines in the curve (ddd4b2b785).
  • The Curve Reverse node reverses the order of all of a curve's control points (4a540b9b48).
  • Curves fully support the existing attribute system.
    • Splines have resolution and cyclic builtin attributes.
    • Control points have position, radius, and tilt builtin attributes (1892b131ed).
    • Attributes with any name or data type can be created or removed on splines or control points (627f357127).
    • Attributes can be interpolated between the two curve domains (c97b6215a3).
  • Curve data must be added with an object info node, the curve modifier stack isn't supported currently.

Volume Nodes

  • The geometry nodes modifier is now supported on volume objects (8c0f7d1772).


  • An object's material slots can change during evaluation of geometry nodes (1a81d268a1).
  • Joining geometries from other objects will now properly add their materials to the modifier object (5e6f3b8564).
  • The Material Assign node sets the material for a selection of faces (f41a753e75).
  • The Material Input node allows using the same material in multiple places (3e3ecc329c).
  • The Material Replace node replaces an existing material on a geometry with another (c154b078b5).
  • The Select by Material node creates a boolean mask of the parts of a geometry with a certain material (08b0de45f3).

User Interface

Node Editor

  • The node editor view now pans automatically when links or nodes are dragged to the edges (a1cc7042a7).
  • On Frame nodes, show label only when there is a label set (8f04ddbbc6)
  • Node links between different types with no possible implicit conversion now turn red to indicate the error (Geometry Nodes) (65244ac1c3).
  • Socket labels on nodes like "Object Info" are hidden to give more space to data-block names (ec98bb318b).

Spreadsheet Editor

  • Row filters were added to the a right property region, to allow removing rows from the view (f9aea19d98).