Reference/Release Notes/3.0/Animation Rigging

Blender 3.0: Animation & Rigging

  • New keying set: Location, Rotation, Scale, and Custom Properties (rB7192ab61). Effectively, it combines the behaviour of Whole Character (selected bones only) (which keys loc/rot/scale/customprops, but only works in pose mode) with Location, Rotation, and Scale (which works in both object and pose mode, but doesn't key custom properties). This makes it possible to use one keying set for animating both characters and props.
  • FCurve and NLA modifier properties can now be overridden (rBd2311de2). Previously an armature/object with overrides could get new FCurve/NLA modifiers, but the properties would be read-only. Now they can be edited.
  • Keyframe removal (Default: Alt+I, Industry Compatible: Alt+S) now respects the active keying set (rB7fc22051).
  • Custom bone shapes now have full translation/rotation/scale options (rBfc5bf09f).
  • The Asset Browser now supports rendering previews for Action datablocks (rB17534e28). This is documented further in the 3.0 Asset Browser release notes.
  • FCurves and all their keys can be selected by box- or circle-selecting the curve itself. (rB2246d456)
    • Box selecting a curve selects all the keyframes of the curve.
    • Ctrl + box selecting of the curve deselects all the keyframes of the curve.
    • Shift + box selecting of the curve extends the keyframe selection, adding all the keyframes of the curves that were just selected to the selection.
    • In all cases, if the selection area contains a key, nothing is performed on the curves themselves (the action only impacts the selected keys).

Bendy Bones

  • Renamed confusingly named Curve Y and Scale Y channels to Z. (rB682a74e0)
  • Added actual Scale Y channels that produce non-uniform segment lengths. (rB638c16f4).
  • Added simple toggles that replace up to 6-8 trivial drivers copying handle bone local scale to the corresponding properties. (rBb6030711)


Limit Rotation

  • The constraint now correctly removes shear before processing, and without any limits can be used for that explicit purpose. (rBedaaa2af)
  • Added an Euler Order option similar to Copy Rotation. (rBd2dc4523)

Pose Sliding / In-Betweens Tools

These "In Betweens" tools have been improved (rB9797b95f):

  • Push Pose from Rest Pose
  • Relax Pose to Rest Pose
  • Push Pose from Breakdown
  • Relax Pose to Breakdown
  • Pose Breakdowner

These all now use the same new sliding tool:

  • Actual visual indication of the blending/pushing percentage applied.
  • Mouse wrapping to allow for extrapolation without having to worry about the initial placement of the mouse. This also means these tools are actually usable when chosen from the menu.
  • Precision mode by holding Shift.
  • Snapping to 10% increments by holding Ctrl.
  • Overshoot protection; by default the tool doesn't allow overshoot (lower than 0% or higher than 100%), and it can be enabled by pressing the E key.
  • Bones are hidden while sliding, so the pose itself can be seen more clearly. This can be toggled by pressing the H key while using the tool.