Reference/Release Notes/2.91/Add-ons

Blender 2.91: Add-ons

Add-ons Updates


Hair material preview - blenderkit.png
  • 2 new material previews were introduced:
    • Complex Ball. This preview is intended to show off specific material properties - edge wear or cavity detail, translucency and SSS, refraction.
    • Hair preview.
  • Selected model panel was improved, now all commands work as expected.

Collection Manager

Collection Manager popup with new Holdout and Indirect Only RTOs
QCD widgets with the new Quick View Toggles button to the left of the header widget.

New Features

CM Popup

  • Added support for the Holdout and Indirect Only RTOs. (rBA559fbf9)
  • Include new collections in the current filter until the filtering changes. (rBA52fb8e5)
  • Allow all filters to be combined with each other. (rBAb66e136)


Quick View Toggles
  • Added the ability to select all objects in a QCD slot when alt-clicking on the slot. (rBA1d1bb1a)
  • Added Quick View Toggles for influencing QCD setup/visibility. (rBAbf17604)
    • Enable All QCD Slots.
    • Enable All QCD Slots Isolated.
    • Disable All Non QCD Slots.
    • Disable All Collections.
    • Select All QCD Objects.
    • Discard QCD History.

Bug Fixes

CM Popup

  • Fixed the active object sometimes getting lost when performing actions with the exclude checkbox. (rBA975f81d)
  • Prevent new collections from being added when the selected collection isn't visible. (rBA52fb8e5)


  • Fixed bugs with QCD slot switching. (rBAbf17604)
  • Fixed the active object sometimes getting lost when toggling QCD slots. (rBAbf17604)
  • Fixed the layout and display of theme overrides for the OpenGL move widget in the preferences. (rBAb815936)