Reference/Release Notes/2.83

Blender 2.83 Release Notes

Blender 2.83 is in alpha stage. This will become the next release under development once 2.82 is released. (schedule)

User Interface


* Adopt 2.8-style layout for the Graph Editor sidebar 04e318de3a4 
* Improve toolbar width snapping ac7eb710890
* Change default Spin steps from 9 to 12  a7ca0e92ef2
* Show animation cancel button in all status-bars 25cb12dc71e  
* Rename 'View Frame' to 'Go to Current Frame'  dee01cad19f
* Consolidate masking-related brush controls   c01246f6c0f
* Change 'Lock Time to Other Windows' > 'Sync Visible Range' + add to Sequencer  fe772bf8186
* Fix Hover Flickering on Selected Items c5c46e5b74a
* Change Area Duplicate Icon 452834f1e3a
* Edit Mode mouse cursor now set per-tool, defaults to pointer arrow 4aa703aa1430
* On Windows, restore app from minimized when closing from taskbar 22ca8b8aee99
* On Windows, show special folder locations with new icons in File Browser System list 1af8e0cc6c47
* Dynamically enable and disable Edit Menu items based on whether currently applicable b7075049732a


More Features