Reference/Release Notes/2.82/a

Blender 2.82a: Bug Fixes


  • Fix T74003: Autocomplete bug with mesh.loop_triangles. in Blender Python Console. (rB69c58788)
  • Fix T73898: UDIM crash changing form tiled to single (rBd6977b5r)
  • Fix T73862: Fluid Sim file handle resource leak (rB60890ccr)
  • Fix T74182: Crash saving images from non-image spaces (rB096936fe)
  • Fix T72903: Bone envelope & bone size tool functionality swapped (rBdd2cdd43)
  • Fix T74278: camera border gizmo size (rB9cac5fa6, rB360443a4)
  • Fix T54270: Reset last_hit and last_location when reading the file (rB2df040ed)
  • Fix T74431: crash when compiling renderpass shader on some AMD drivers (rB9c4523b1 + rBe5f98c79)
  • Fix T74295: Cloth + Internal springs crashes on a non-polygonal geometry (rB1648a790)
  • Fix Fix (unreported) Separate bones creates empty armature (rB498397f7)
  • Revert "Constraints: remove special meaning of Local Space for parentless Objects." (rBf881162f)
  • Fix T73932: modifying keyframes in nodes fails when there is an image sequence (rBf0a22f5r)
  • Fix crash loading .blend file saved with Blender 2.25 (rBed8aa15r)
  • Fix potential crash with Eevee render of missing image textures (rBab18dbbr)
  • Fix T72253: Mantaflow adaptive domain cuts off (rB32fc22db)
  • Keymap: Add front/back Alt-MMB absolute view axis switching (rBa2009862)
  • Fix T72028: Crash switching to vertex paint (rB31aefdee)
  • Fix bone envelopes displaying wrong when armature is scaled (rBee703494)
  • Fix Vertex weight gradient tool show wrong weight/strength values in the UI (rBf38c54d5)
  • Fix T74225: Image (from sequence) cannot be loaded (rB9dbfc7ca)
  • Fix T63892: Tools cannot be registered into some contexts (e.g. PAINT_TEXTURE) (rBd95e9c7c)
  • Fix T73369: corner pin & sun-beam nodes gizmos are too big (rB212660f4)
  • Fix T74425: Cannot texture paint an images sequence anymore (rBca717f04)


  • glTF: Fix some strange reference error in blender api when exporting shapekeys / ApplyModifier (rBA659c121)
  • glTF: Fix crash using compositor rendering for image generation (rBAaf687f5)