Reference/Release Notes/2.82/Import & Export

Blender 2.82: Import & Export

Universal Scene Description

USD file export is now supported, using File → Export → Universal Scene Description. This is an initial implementation, and USD support will be improved over time to support more complete scene interchange. Information can be found in the USD chapter in the Blender manual.

USD file exported from Blender and shown in USDView

For developers, there is more USD technical documentation about the implementation. (ec62413f803ee506)


  • Mesh normals are now exported properly to Alembic. (Manual). (b0e7a1d4b492)
  • Changed "Visible Layers" to "Visible Objects" in export options. Similarly, the Alembic exporter operator bpy.ops.wm.alembic_export() changed the keyword argument visible_layers_only to visible_objects_only. (d9e61ce1953b)




VFX Reference Platform

Blender is now compatible with the VFX Reference Platform 2020 for library dependencies and Python. This helps improve compatibility between Blender and other VFX software, especially now that the VFX industry is also switching to Python 3.