Reference/Release Notes/2.81

Blender 2.81 Release Notes

Blender 2.81 is the next version to be released, currently bug fixing only. (schedule)

Sculpt & Retopology

New sculpt tools, poly build tool, voxel remesh and quad remesh.

Transform & Snapping

Transform origins, new snapping, mirroring and auto merge options.


New shaders for texturing, denoising with OpenImageDenoise, and NVIDIA RTX support.


Shadows, transparency and bump mapping redesigned for easier setup and better quality.


New options for look development with Cycles and Eevee.

Library Overrides

A new system to replace proxies, to make local overrides to linked characters and other data types.

Animation & Rigging

Finer control over rotations and scale in bones, constraints and drivers.

User Interface

Outliner improvements, new file browser and batch rename.

Grease Pencil

User interface, tools, operators, modifiers, new brushes and presets and material self overlap.

More Features

Alembic, audio & video output, library management and video sequencer editor.

Python API

Python version upgrade, dynamic tooltip for operators, new handlers and other API changes.


Enabled add-ons only, glTF, FBX, import images as planes, blenderkit, rigify among others.