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New/Improved Collada features

Animation Exporter

  • A new option to disable/enable(default) the export of Animations
  • The Animation exporter now can export either only the keyframes of the animations or it can export baked animations with a user defined sampling rate (frames between 2 keyframes)
  • The Export now supports Trans/Rot/Scale export of channels (fcurves) and Matrixdata export (entire transformation matrix).
  • The Export of object hierarchies is now correctly supported. When exporting with keyframes, then the parent inverse matrix is now taken into account such that the exported animation curves work correctly when later imported to other tools (or back to blender)

Animation Importer

The importer has been updated to allow importing what the exporter has exported.

Test environment

A new test script was added to allow automatic testing of the Collada module. Currently only one test is defined (exporting of static mesh objects with multiple material sections and non manifold elements (loose edges)

Note: The correctness of the exported data has been tested with the Open3D model viewer