Reference/Release Notes/2.80/Add-ons

Blender 2.80: Add-ons

Due to the many changes in Blender 2.80, addons need to be updated to work with it. As these are maintained by external developers, not all of them are available for this version yet.

Object Scatter

The old "Grease Scatter Objects" addon has been removed. There is a new "Object Scatter" addon as replacement. There is a short video that shows how the addon works.

To use the addon, it has to be activated. Then you have to select the objects that should be scattered. Lastly you have to select the object to scatter onto (this one has to the active object). Then activate the "Scatter Objects" operator using the search and start to draw strokes. When ESC is pressed, the operator is cancelled. When ENTER is pressed, new objects are created using the dupli system of Blender.

Bone Selection Sets v. 2.1.0

New features (implemented in D3049):

  • Shift+Alt+W shows a popup menu with the currently available selection sets. This allows animators to quickly use the selection sets from within the 3D View. This feature was merged from Sybren's personal branch.
  • Copy & Paste of selection sets. The copied Selection Set is stored as JSON document on the clipboard, like {"name": "SelectionSet", "bones": ["Bone", "Bone.001"]}. Using JSON allows the animator to copy/paste selection sets through text-based communication channels (IRC, email, bug reports, etc.). When pasting, a new Selection Set is always made, regardless of whether one with the same name already exists. In such a case a suffix like .001 is added to the name.


Rigify now supports installing custom rig packages from zip files, with associated API and utility additions to make coding custom rigs easier (D4364).