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Blender 2.80: Add-ons

Bone Selection Sets v. 2.1.0

New features (implemented in D3049):

  • Shift+Alt+W shows a popup menu with the currently available selection sets. This allows animators to quickly use the selection sets from within the 3D View. This feature was merged from Sybren's personal branch.
  • Copy & Paste of selection sets. The copied Selection Set is stored as JSON document on the clipboard, like {"name": "SelectionSet", "bones": ["Bone", "Bone.001"]}. Using JSON allows the animator to copy/paste selection sets through text-based communication channels (IRC, email, bug reports, etc.). When pasting, a new Selection Set is always made, regardless of whether one with the same name already exists. In such a case a suffix like `.001` is added to the name.