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Strip Modifiers

  • Added white balance modifier (daf6f5f)
  • Added Tone map strip modifier (same as in the compositor) (52f07ad)
Tone map strip modifier used in Caminandes 3: Llamigos.
  • It is now possible to append strip's modifiers to all selected ones (cd71d9e)


  • Speedup Gaussian Blur effect (8cde671)
  • Use movieclip framerate when importing new movie strips (when there are no existing sequence strips) (4846b44, 875be10)
  • Mask used for the strip modifier now can be both in relative to strip and absolute to scene time (8850775)
  • Nested scene strip support (like metas)
    This makes it possible to use scenes as a kind of multi-user meta-strip (with their own time), (485ea43).
  • Word wrapped sequencer text (0aa0a1a).
  • When doing OpenGL previews, Scene strips now respect the "Alpha Mode" setting of the strip being referenced. This is useful for doing things like rendering out Grease Pencil films via the Sequencer. If you need to do overlays using Scene strips, remember to change the alpha mode for the scene being overlaid to "Transparent".