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Datablocks & Libraries Management

Library Handling

Missing Libraries

Missing libraries won’t mean the disappearing of your linked datablocks anymore. Now, 'placeholders' datablocks are created instead at read time, which replace missing (directly) linked ones.

This allows user to:

  • Edit and save .blend files even while some libs are missing, without loosing content referenced from those missing libs.
  • Edit missing libs paths in the Outliner, save & reload main .blend file, and get missing linked datablocks back.

Also, missing libraries & linked datablocks are now shown in the Outliner with a small “broken lib” icon.

Commits: rBdcb56d79a879, rBe5916187e808.

Please note that this is the first step of the “fixing missing libraries” project, see T45351 for details.

Deleting Libraries

In the outliner, you can now 'delete' a whole library, with all its linked datablocks, from current file (in Blender File view, right-click on a library).

Note that it will only actually set user counts of relevant datablocks to zero, you then have to do the usual save & reload of the .blend file to actually get rid of them. A better way to actually delete datablocks in Blender is being worked on for 2.8 project.

Commit: rB842310a9b0d70b