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Blender 2.77: Add-ons

New Add-ons

Blend File Utils

This supports packing blend files including all their libraries and dependencies into a self contained ZIP file, it can be used as an add-on as well as directly from the command line. rBAc3f24386bb4ec7c91949a1f024bb1d6464cfd5a2)).

Updated Add-ons


  • IO: Added limited support for MTL texture mapping options (mostly, offset and scaling, rBAecdc7c03ec14e)).


The X3D import was expanded to support a larger subset of the standard (rBA44cc56c92796ce).

It now supports:

  • all geometry nodes from Rendering
  • all geometry nodes from Geometry3D
  • ImageTexture (including primitives)
  • TextureTransform (needs careful testing)
  • all lamp nodes from Lighting
  • Viewpoint

The UI was left intact from the existing implementation.

Specifications and a reference implementation (X3DOM) were used.

Python Upgrade

The python library was upgraded to 3.5.1 which brings some changes for Add-on and script writers. Check the Python release notes.

Python API


  • All load functions now have a check_existing argument that defaults to false*.load(filepath, check_existing=False)
    This means loading data using the API consistently gives you a new data-block, so a script may load data and remove it without accidentally modifying user data.
    For times when duplicates are not needed, check_existing=True should be passed. (9f15bcb218ef32d5f15e1e13235d2d7fa667e04a)
  • Make Scene.ray_cast & Object.ray_cast consistent, also resolves bug/limit in the current API. 08fb55e

New Module: gpu.offscreen

This exposes the capability of handling offscreen drawing.

The initial support lays the barebones for addons to work with framebuffer objects and implement 3d viewport offscreen drawing. This can be used by script writers to make fisheye lens preview, head mounted display support, ...

Full documentation and example can be found (here).


Removed: GreasePencil.draw_mode

As a result of Grease Pencil changes, the per-datablock GreasePencil.draw_mode property (i.e. "Stroke Placement" settings) has been removed. Modelling addons using this setting will need to be modified to use context.tool_settings.gpencil_stroke_placement_view3d instead.