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Release Notes: Missing

This is a list of missing reports for the Blender 2.76 release. To every developer whose name is called in it: Please make sure your commit/feature gets into the notes ASAP!

Commit Hash Description Author
rB7823ca06da Support metadata display in clip editor Antony Riakiotakis
rBa44a0cf443 Copy strip modifier operator for sequencer Antony Riakiotakis
rB1a44237d82 Removing gaps will now also move the scene markers, unless markers are locked Antony Riakiotakis
rB107e34407d Display optimizations part 1 -- (vicarious for all view-port optimization commits, could be a bit more content with benchmark results etc.) Antony Riakiotakis
rB8b84c5f9de Port optimization from gooseberry branch Antony Riakiotakis
rB2411027a79 Multires sculpting drawing optimization Antony Riakiotakis
rB9326820a1b Multi-View: Show multiview image properties only in the places where they are supported Dalai Felinto
rB9affa8450a Expose smoke simulation velocities in Python API Johannes Meng
rBc587302ea1 Timeline: Make GPencil keyframes slightly taller than normal keyframes to make them easier to distinguish Joshua Leung
rBb9ce21fd0f GPencil UI: Streamline the data panel workflow Joshua Leung
rB94c8f5a447 Anim Editors: All keyframe selection operators now perform undo pushes Joshua Leung
rB733073550f Audaspace: use standalone library Jörg Müller
rB29ebb56f4d Audaspace: support the device list returned by the new audaspace library Jörg Müller
rBa2a0e7aed9 Add button for H.264 lossless output Jörg Müller
rB7f32601159 PyAPI: update bgl to OpenGL 3.3 Martijn Berger
rB102e18d05c Expose debug type into the interface Sergey Sharybin
rB96d9801423 Masking: Numpad-. now centers view to selected control points Sergey Sharybin
rB774e034d40 Make scopes update multi-threaded Sergey Sharybin
rBf6748183a2 Cycles: Enable transparent shadows for experimental AMD kernel Sergey Sharybin
rB7e529c2a64 Return non-zero exit code when running blender from the command line and reading file has failed Sergey Sharybin
rBe1fd7b9ca9 Cycles: Report currently sampling tile when CPU is working on the last tile Sergey Sharybin
rB5a4b51992e SCons: Enable sm_52 CUDA kernel on all platforms Sergey Sharybin
rB68478aea01 Cycles: Avoid having duplication of BVH arrays during build Sergey Sharybin
rB3dd8f287e1 Render preview: Make preview render database lazily loaded Sergey Sharybin
rB335c3013f4 Sequencer: Disable Refresh Sequencer button while rendering Sergey Sharybin
rB281f4eb964 SPeedup for particle point cache reading Sergey Sharybin
rBd9fc9882dc Optimize reading of fcurves Sergey Sharybin
rB2ed4f98548 Compositor: Support changing distortion models in movie distortion node Sergey Sharybin
rBd13a0e8f4a Cycles: Limit triangle magnitude check for only GPU Sergey Sharybin
rBee263c2566 Freestyle: Removed tesselated forms of silhouettes for displaying in the UI Tamito Kajiyama