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Blender 2.76: Sequencer

Text Effect

A new effect type, "Text", has been added which allows directly displaying text in the sequence editor. The strip will display the text inserted in its text field on the final sequence

The actual text displayed
Size of the text
Creates a shadow under the text
Auto Center
Centers the text on the x axis
X Position
Positions the text on the x axis. Only appears if auto center is off
Y Position
Positions the text on the y axis.

Export Subtitles:
Exporting subtitles in .srt format is also supported. The exported subtitles contain all text strips in the sequence editing.

More Improvements

Fixed/enhanced AltRMB Template-RMB.png selection

Main issue in previous code was that you could not ⇧ ShiftAltRMB Template-RMB.png select several contiguous strips, result was pretty much unusable.

Also, enhanced general behavior of this selection mode, now (similar to AltRMB Template-RMB.png clicking on handles), when you AltRMB Template-RMB.png click on a same strip several times, you alternate between:

  • Strip is selected, neighbor handles are selected;
  • Strip and its handles are selected, neighbor handles are selected.

…which allows you to either grab or slide the strip.


Metadata display

Possibility to use metadata of sequence strips instead of scene metadata (f525483)

Sub-frame Rendering

Speed Effect can now be used for slow/fast motion, with the ability to render exact subframes when applied to a scene strip. (rB9b3fa880a5)