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Blender 2.76: Cycles

Support for AMD GPUs


This release brings support of AMD GPUs on Apple OSX platform. Main work was done by the OpenCL driver team who significantly improved quality of the driver, making it possible to run existing Cycles kernel.

The major requirement is it's crucial to update all the way to OSX El Capitan, which is the only platform so far which includes crucial fixes from AMD.

Windows / Linux

This release also brings various fixes and improvements for AMD GPUs support on Windows and Linux, making it possible to use wider variety of different GPUs.

One of the fixes is related on preventing crash when going to User Preferences for older cards users (87328bd). There is no nice solution for this, so the code now simply checks for particular driver vendor/version. Surely such checks are not really reliable, so if someone uses new card and latest driver and it's not listed in the device list please submit a report about this.


Cycles now supports point density textures
File:Cycles ZoomBlur.jpg
Motion blurred camera zoom (Vehicle by Chris Kuhn).
  • Duplicator object now control motion blur for its duplicating objects (3044e9f)
  • Max Bounces for lights are now also available for the World Background. (d54e77b66dcb)
  • Point density texture support (9b40616)
  • Camera zoom motion blur support (dc3563f)
  • Added support of extended and clipped image texture extension method (f2c54df, e3461a0, 4690281, f296259). It is accessible in the Image texture node and the options are:
    • Repeat - cause the image to repeat horizontally and vertically
    • Extend - extend by repeating edge pixels of the image
    • Clip - clip to image size and set exterior pixels as transparent