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Blender 2.75: Sequencer

Sequencer improvements include: A placeholder option for replacing missing frames, support for storing multiple proxies in one custom directory and a new option to store proxies per strip or per object.


  • It's now possible to store multiple proxies in the same custom directory since the directory names will get appended by the movie file name
  • A new option for proxy storage, "Project" allows to store all proxies in a per-project folder instead of storing them per strip

Placeholder Images

Image sequences can use placeholder files. This works by ticking "Use placeholders" when adding an image strip. The feature detects the frame range of opened images using blender's frame naming scheme (filename<framumber>.extension) and makes an image sequence with all files in between even if they are missing. This allows users to render an image sequence with a few frames missing and still the image strip will have the correct range to account for the missing frames. When the missing frames are rendered, users can refresh the sequencer and get the missing frames in the strip. The feature is also available when using the "change paths" operator and allows users to add more images to the range.

File:Placeholders 275.png
Placeholder Option. By selecting two extreme frames, all frames in between are imported even if missing
File:Placeholders missing 275.png
Selecting the same two images with all intermediate files missing, we get the same range imported with missing frames displayed as black. When those images are rendered or placed in the same folder, a sequencer refresh will show them properly


  • Mask animation is now offset with their strip, such that you can move your strip around and keep correct sync with the mask animation (see T43986 and rB6786ef6783fa).