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Blender 2.75: Sculpting/Painting

Painting/Sculpting improvements include: Painting with symmetry is now possible, some great improvements were made for Dynamic Topology distribution, a new Dynamic Topology detail mode was added, the crease brush was improved, ...

Project Paint

Symmetry Texture Painting in 3D

Projection Paint now has Symmetry support. (e2d60d180ed8)

  • Access from symmetry panel (as with sculpt)
  • Supports multiple axis at once
  • Supports all brush types including clone
<youtube width="420" height="315">IwxRs9rsmeo</youtube>


  • Crease brush now creates a more curved profile, to sculpt tighter grooves (356ceded279b1)

  • New dyntopo detail mode, "Brush", uses edge detail size as a percentage of the brush radius. (de180aba35ea)

Other features

  • Constraining a line stroke to 45 degree increments is now done using the Alt key. Ctrl key is back to being used for negative strokes.
  • Vertex Paint colors no longer influence the viewport color when painting in texture painting (except when used in the material and user toggles material shading mode)