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Blender 2.75: Modelling

Modelling improvements include: A new Corrective Smooth modifier for smoothing deformed areas was added, the Decimate modifier was improved, Metaballs got a great performance boost, the Rip Tool has new split off options, Edge Slide sliding can now be done un-clamped, Subdivde Smooth output was improved to be more even, more options for selection, ...


Corrective Smooth Modifier

File:Modifier corrective smooth.png
An extreme case showing how corrective smooth can help with distortion from armature deformation.

New corrective smooth modifier to smooth over ugly deformation areas. (c16a8983efba9e)

More info in the Blender Manual.

Decimate Modifier

File:Decimate topology 02.png
Flat surfaces would give poor topology.
  • Improved geometry distribution for flat surfaces (aa54d93a29b3ed)
  • Improved quality of weighted decimate with support for scaling the weight influence (455ca1b28f140)


  • Subdivide smooth now gives more even output (6e02f1da74a523)
  • Rip Tool: Improved support for detaching different kinds of connected regions
  • Edge Slide: support for un-clamped sliding (Holding Alt allows to slide past bounds) - (e3b0d5e99ba70a5)


File:Mesh select linked wire delimit 01.png
Select linked, showing wire edges, delimiting by material. (not possible previously)
  • Checker de-select now has the option to skip steps to give more control (1dd1d286c67ef1)
  • Select linked: Improved delimiter options and support for vertex and edge modes


  • Significant speedup calculating geometry (replace Octree with BVH) - (98f41066943d8b1cf)

Material assignment

Material slots can now be reordered in the UI (4288ab16e5c83bd)

Demo video:

Template:Warning/Important This affects polygons' material indices (since polygons reference their assigned material by its material slot index).