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Blender 2.74: Sculpting/Painting

Sculpting/Painting improvements include: More options for Rake and Random mapping, support for drawing strokes in 45 degree angles, dithered texture paint strokes, cavity masks which mask the brush on cavities or hills, ...


File:Texture brush rake and random angle.png
On right, the new rake and random angle settings for brush texture and brush texture mask.
  • Rake and Random mapping are not mutually exclusive anymore
  • Random mapping takes a range value
  • Rake and Random are supported independently for mask brushes too
  • Line strokes now support constrains to 45 degree increments when holding Ctrl down after starting a stroke

Texture Painting

File:Cavity mask.png
Using Cavity Mask option while painting a texture in order to define the object's edges nicely.
  • Support for dithering when painting on byte images has been added. Control the amount by using the slider in the options panel.
  • Support for cavity masking during painting. Cavity masking means that the brush will be masked if there is a cavity or a hill on the mesh surface depending on the mesh options. The cavity algorithm is vertex-based for now.
  • Cycles UV node support: Now any UV map nodes before an image texture will be used when painting to allow custom UV layers. Transforms of UVs and multiple UV nodes are not supported though.