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Blender 2.74: More Features

.blend Files & Libraries

  • You can now enforce generation (and hence saving) of previews for materials, textures, lamps, world and images datablocks (File → Data Previews → Refresh DataBlock Previews menu entry), useful for material lib files e.g. Note it can take a bit of time when using Cycles materials - and do not forget to save the file once done! (3027ff8b13fb29e92)

Background images

  • Background images can now be rotated and flipped.


  • Plane Track Deform compositor node now supports samples motion blur (1dddcfb). See Features Video for demo.
  • Multilayer EXR nodes now have dedicated Alpha output calculated from the Combined pass (88efcdc).
  • Memory usage optimization for the compositor, technical details. (35d3b63)


  • Slip tool now supports numerical input
  • Setting proxies is now done to all selected strips at once using a dialog in the proxy panel
  • Preview individual strips by dragging the cursor over them (feature from Blender 2.4x), 8abdc89912e4a

Blender Internal Rendering

  • Added gamma node support for Blender Internal (rB01c18)


  • Added operator to filter tracks based on how smooth their motion is (912b465)
  • Copy Track Settings: copy track settings from active to selected tracks
  • Tracking Pies: The official pie menus now also have pies to make motion tracking, solving and scene reconstructing easier

Small Improvements

  • Increase max undo steps to 256 (fa9e42b57d9b4)
  • On Windows, a popup that warns against deprecated versions of OpenGL was added (b5b359b48f7f3)
  • Add backtrace support for windows in case of crashes (d58a15c0a603a)
  • It is now possible to skip sequencer strip proxies from built if they're already exist (b675418)