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Blender 2.74: Add-ons

Import Images as Planes

  • Now support animations (movies) for Cycles as well, also fixed setting len from video (rBA468a9845651e).

Auto Tile Size (New)

Estimate and set the tile size that will render the fastest

Node Wrangler

  • Now renamed the file to instead of, so you will have to enable it and save your preferences again.
  • A change in Blender's core (rBc792e546991bd) now allows Lazy Functions to work when clicking on the contents of the node too (not only on empty space) (old behavior, new behavior)

POV-Ray Renderer

Quite a few new features from POV-Ray where added to the exporter, among which volumetric rendering.



  • IMPORT Added support for custom normals (rBAcfdf95dc8a0eae).
  • IMPORT reworked code, importing big meshes with polygons can be up to six or seven times faster (rBAc307a89e281a).

Python API

  • Quaternion now has support for exponential map representation (rB9fa628f35be3), eg:
    expmap = Quaternion((1, 0, 0), 1.2).to_exponential_map()
    quat = Quaternion((1.2, 0, 0))  # from exponential map vector to quaternion