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Sculpting/Painting improvements include: Improved "Add Simple UVs" operator, better visual feedback for masks while using texture painting, there are now strength parameters for Grab and Snake Hook brushes and radial operators (brush size, detail and strength) can now be edited using numerical input.

Texture Painting

  • The "Add Simple UVs" operator now does a simple cube unwrap followed by a pack operation
    This results in better quick UV layouts that won't hang on greater poly counts and will use the image space better. It's still recommended to make a custom unwrap. (a6a3989617e6)
File:Face selection masking for painting.png
Old and new masking for painting.
  • Paint mask selection now only shows selection boundary (so you can better see what you are painting) (af92f3d32517)


  • Grab and Snake Hook brushes support strength (72f557d34e21)
File:Rl sculpt2.png
Using keyboard to type numbers for radial operators.
  • Radial operators (F, ⇧ ShiftF, CtrlF, ⇧ ShiftD) can now be edited by typing numbers on keyboard (e103c9773f14)